Rothgar the Outlaw Part #12 - A Shivering fear of outlaw's

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02.10.2019 04:22

"You're a chef?" - THWACK! - "I bet your food sucks!"
"I-I... I cook gourmet..."
"Ugh. Gourmet. Like snails?" - THWACKKK!!! - thud - "No fancy schmancy gourmet food for this outlaw."


02.10.2019 07:15

Yes, that is basically what it was like hahaha! Silly chef XD

02.10.2019 07:28

Centuries without seeing a skyrim scene. That dwarf armor can be recognized miles away, What an adventure!

02.10.2019 18:36

Dwarf armour from Skyrim is easily, the most recognisable!

02.10.2019 21:40