Q-Bert on the NES

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28.09.2019 00:07

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28.09.2019 00:19

Nothing like an good old game to make us feel like in our chilhood years. I heard from this game in "Ralph" honestly, and it's so cute to see how it actually was back then :3

28.09.2019 00:22

Oh it was the movie Pixels for me that I heard about it haha. But if I knew about it when younger and had it, I probably would've played it heaps. :)

28.09.2019 01:35

I always found Qbert frustrating. Something about the control scheme and the perspective always had me leaping to my death.

29.09.2019 05:56

Oh it takes a bit to get used to, especially when going faster.

29.09.2019 06:15

I fired up the old NES some weeks back and played a little Mario Bros on it.

29.09.2019 10:48

Mario bros is a classic, made sure I got ROMs for them too!
I always like knowing more people get into the retro games a lot more these days.

29.09.2019 10:54