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Supercar Maker Mazzanti Cruises Into Crypto With Bitcoin Payments, Token Sale
Mazzanti's security tokens will provide a 50% revenue share in the sale of a special edition "hypercar," but so far interest has been limited.
Italian supercar manufacturer Mazzanti is roaring into the crypto space with the acceptance of bitcoin (BTC, +8.93%) payments and the launch of a security token offering (STO).

According to a press release shared with CoinDesk on Thursday, Mazzanti is aiming to raise €1 million ($1.2 million) to develop a special edition of the Evantra Millecavalli R “hypercar.”

“We immediately recognized the potential of security tokens for our goal of inclusion and expansion,” said Mazzanti’s founder, Luca Mazzanti, in the release.
The Mazzanti tokens (MZZ), which require a minimum 50 euros (US$60) buy-in, in total will provide a 50% revenue share in the sale of the special edition Evantra Millecavalli R, according to the release. The sale has 56 days left to run.

STOKR’s co-founder Arnab Naskar said the MZZ tokens are designed to “empower both private and professional investors to actively take part in the firm’s growth by acquiring a share in its future revenue.”

The tokens are currently being issued via Blockstream AMP, a platform for the tokenization of securities built atop the Liquid sidechain of bitcoin.

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However, data from digital marketplace STOKR, the platform used to market the tokens to potential investors, shows the offering is slow off the line with just €100 ($121) raised since launch on Feb. 25.

Mazzanti has also enabled a new service allowing customers to buy all editions of its Evantra model with bitcon.


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