What's a Guy Supposed To Do? #foodfightfriday

With the real deal back in Jersey, #farm-mom, preparation of dinner fell right on my shoulders, if I wanted to eat.

After spending around 10 hours in the woods cutting and hauling firewood, I could have eaten a horse.
Good thing I planned for this moment in advance.
Knowing that the main cook would be out of town for several days, I made an early visit to the freezer to grab old reliable, a couple lbs of burger meat.
Talk about a whopper, this baby had to come in at about a pound and a quarter.
Swiss cheese on one half, and White American cheese on the other half.
About 15 minutes on the grill and it was time to eat.

Now, I needed more than a burger, but wanted to keep it simple.
No sweat, a couple of Beef Steak Tomatoes from the garden, rounded out the meal.


Slice and dice the tomatoes ✔
Get burger off of the grill ✔
Cut the pickle in half ✔
Break out the condiments, ketchup and @dandays favorite, mayonnaise ✔
telephone ✔

and get all setup in front of the tube in 20 minutes, how can you beat that.

Oh, and the Yankee game already recording, and just waiting to be watched.
I don't know how many Yankee fans there are out there, but what a great season they are having.

Lead the majors in home-runs, breaking the all time home-run record, with around 18 games still to play.

Will win the American League East Division

Presently have the best record in all of baseball, giving them home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Yankees had the second longest streak without being shutout, behind a 308-game stretch by the Babe Ruth-led Yankees from 1931-33. Their streak ended after 220 games on Labor Day.

Despite having suffered more injuries than any other club, they just continue to win.
They have come up with a saying, 'Next man up."


I wonder if I have enough burger meat for tomorrow's dinner?

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Alright, @thebigsweed made it to the table! What’s up man?? I told you about that too huh? Dang.. you ever wonder if we say way more than we should on this place? Fact—I can’t stand mayonnaise so much, I can hardly stand accidentally seeing it out of my peripheral at the market—gross!

I don’t know much about baseball, honestly, I know less than much. Not quite zero because you see I spelled it right, I can spell Yankeez Yankee’s on the second try so not zero. But, is it true?

Is it true the yabkee’s have the highest paid professional team in all of sports? 🤔

Great entry @thebigsweed, always a pleasure hanging out with you on Fridays. Don’t work too hard, sir, have a great weekend, too! Ok, I’m done telling you what to do now. 😉

14.09.2019 13:08

They are the sixth highest.
The two teams at the top, Red Sox and the Giants will not even make the playoffs this year.
1 Boston Red Sox $228,254,750
2 San Francisco Giants $205,236,008
3 Los Angeles Dodgers $196,472,530
4 Chicago Cubs $193,063,623
5 Washington Nationals $180,866,169
6 New York Yankees $180,095,312

Hope all is well!

15.09.2019 08:37

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Thanks for your support @theluvbug, always appreciated!

15.09.2019 08:44
Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 60
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Enjoy a
14.09.2019 14:52

Thanks guys, always appreciated!

15.09.2019 08:27

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Hey @thebigsweed, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

14.09.2019 14:52

thanks for the brew, always appreciated!

15.09.2019 08:45

This is what i call Gourmet lol 🤤. Can we pay the Yankees anymore money lol?

14.09.2019 18:14

@dandays asked kind of the same question and this year they are the sixth highest as far as salary goes.
The nice thing about the Yankees this year is that a bunch of their players came from their farm system and are not paid the super mega bucks.
Have a great Sunday.

15.09.2019 08:41

Cool. The Marlins sell or trade there players the moment they get any talent. Crap the dolphins do similar. I played ball most my life and was always a Braves fan (no Florida teams back then lol). Now i have to check who is the highest paid team 😁.

15.09.2019 14:41

How amazing.. when you're hungry like a wolf and all you eat only the burger and tomatoes😲 and that's enough... you guys always amazed me with type of foods you eat. I'll die if I don't eat rice at least once in a day.

Haveca nice weekend @thebigweeds 😉 you made me in food coma because I'm super shock seeing what you eat😀

14.09.2019 18:25

It was a very big burger and along with the 2 tomatoes , that was more than enough. Thanks for stopping buy @cicisaja

15.09.2019 08:43

A cheesy burger is one of my favourites, loads of cheese that is! We don't get to watch much if any baseball here in SA, hubby loves rugby, cricket and football, I only watch when it's the final match of the season;) I play in the kitchen or in front of my computer mostly ;)

16.09.2019 19:45

Thanks for stopping by @lizelle.
I don't know too many people who don't enjoy a good cheeseburger.
Baseball and the Yankees I watch almost every game. The other sports, hockey, football, and basketball I take your approach, and only watch during the playoffs.

17.09.2019 11:12

Oh boy you are sooo predictable, good thing I don't go away too often. Gotta keep your waistline in check.

20.09.2019 00:54

That Burger looks good, and after all that work I bet it was just what you needed,
I don't follow the baseball, but did just watched the USS team inthe world Cup rugby, they sure played with heart


26.09.2019 23:43

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