THEBIGSWEED's FIRST ENTRY in #sam-saturday 😁

First time participant in #sam-saturday. Well here goes, as you can see from the very first photo I 😍😍😍😍😍😍
wood, lumber, standing wood, dead wood, decayed wood, hell I love wood so much I enjoy getting splinters.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. 😁😁 By the way I'm thebigsweed and live in Upstate NY.

The pictures in this post are of a couple of unique pieces that I made from some really cool trees that had fallen. I cut out and saved certain sections of the tree, the remainder went into the fireplace.

IMG_1861 (2).JPG

The next 3 pics are of some saved pieces. Each piece has a little extra character. Some are known as crotch wood.




The next two pics have been purposely left out to weather. This will start a decaying process. When the log is cut the pieces will have beautiful streaks of blue, orange, and other colors depending on the type of lumber.



This piece I'm going to make a plant stand leaving the branches long so we can fill with hanging baskets of flowers.


This is a piece of pine with branches cut shorter and is great to hang some of the gear for the pond on.



These old logs will become the legs of a coffee table.


A slab of Red Oak will be the top.


Here is an idea of what it will look like


Her is a table that I completed two weeks ago. The base is a piece of Black Cherry Crotch wood. The top is a slab of Swamp Oak.


This is a root ball from a tree that came down this past winter. 🀞🀞It barely missed one of our cabins.


P1200102 (2).JPG

Here is the piece finished and placed in a bed. We hang different ornaments on it.

IMG_0378 (1).JPG

Other pieces that I have made decorate the bed. HOME SWEET HOME Nothing like it!😁😁😍😍



A picture of the bed.

IMG_0655 (2).JPG

This is the family mill. This is used to cut all of our slabs and other really great pieces!!


As you can probably tell by now, working with wood is one of my passions.😍😍😍

One last thing, I taught for over 30 years, instructing children with learning disabilities. I loved every minute of it.

A shoutout to #bluemoon, that was fun.

Hope you enjoyed! thebigsweed

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