The mermaid was smoking a cigarette...

ntopaz-image-0This is an oldie but goodie.... It's from my Couchsurfing days (I gave away my stuff, got in my car, and went on a road trip to find my next apartment. This roadtrip lasted 6 years :) ) - I was hanging out with many photographers and models, and life was a big adventure.

This is Krista. I was staying with her in Chicago for a bit. We'd talk photography. She shot me, I shot her. But... one day I was walking outside, and she was outside smoking a cigarette. The light was coming through the slats onto her... and I thought it looked underwater'ish - so... I grabbed my camera, took a few photos, and then later made this image.

It's got a lot of layers -- I made the tail in 3D. I added stock photos of fish, bubbles, light rays, etc... There's many color and tone adjustments (the blue of the water photo that I used is practically neon -- had to tone that puppy down!).

While I was couch surfing though, that's one reason that people kept inviting me to come crash their place- 'cause you'd often end up with a cool image.... and you'd get some cool adventures, and many neat stories :)

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