An abstract painting

ntopaz-image-0Often I paint living things - people, animals, etc... Or mechanical things (robots, space ships, etc) - But every once in a while, I just want to express.... Color, movement, etc.... So that's what you have here.

The interesting thing about art is that as the artist, I never know what people will like or not. I post my art daily to facebook (feel free to follow- / ) - This painting was one that I didn't think would get that much attention, but people are going nuts for it. So, of course, as I"m always wondering what to show here, that was a good indicator that this is what should be shared here next.


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love the colors in this

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30.09.2019 21:02

the colors make me smile

30.09.2019 21:17

If I have made someone smile with my art, then I have a reason to smile :) Thanks for letting me know. (Or... I suppose here on Steemit, it's - Thanks for letting minnow!) :D

02.10.2019 20:09

Thanks for the wallpaper, !tip 1 steem ;)

30.09.2019 23:09

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30.09.2019 23:18

Hi @acidyo, thanks for reaching me out. Already doing both but I also still sell votes. Once I will be able to power down enough steem to pay the investors (about 2 months) I will most probably make the ROI for vote selling at 0% or quit it entirely.

01.10.2019 10:00

Thanks for replying! I think even at 0% people would use it to beat the curve tax and unfairly advantage over those not buying votes. I wouldn't mind if you would sell unprofitable votes for people wanting to use it for promotion but having better tools to notify curators about each bid bot and what kind of vote they gave would surely help, or authors would burn part of the rewards or send them to the dao when promoting something with profitable votes, the former would of course help you keep more vp for curation. Thanks for the info, though.

01.10.2019 11:15

Thanks for the tip! Usually people just take what they feel like it, and the artist doesn't know any better. Getting tipped is much better... as is just being informed that someone liked the art enough to use it as a wallpaper.

02.10.2019 20:07
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30.09.2019 23:10

Abstract contains concret ~ The flow of the colors and lines shows how deep it is ~ Splendid art work it is ~

01.10.2019 00:12

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