Last Giveaway of 2019 – 15 games, 15 winners.


This is the biggest and craziest giveaway I ever did.
I hope it comes in a good time for everyone! Happy Gaming Holidays guys!

As the gaming community shows appreciation to my work, I will always give back to my supporters. In 2020, I will continue with regular giveaways every month.

Good luck to everyone and don't forget to read my game reviews. )

Click at this link to participate.

About The Partisan Spy

​There is no good or bad game if there is fun while playing it.
​And... you don't need to gamble your fun when buying games.

I believe that we can always make the right choice. The expectations you build towards a game defines the result of your playing experience. The key to having fun is knowledge and balance. You must know what you want (expectations) and what you actually get.

To help gamers find their perfect choice, I created The 3 Step Game Review balance expectations with what each game offers.

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