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Few days ago I noticed that steemconnect went definitively offline, in fact now if you try to use the site, you just got redirected to hivesigner.

While I really think that a services like steemconnect is quite important, and using it during the last couple of weeks for development reasons, alongside with the excellent hivesigner, I was really upset to see it die like this.

Surfing around I saw that the alternative exist already under the name steemlogin (

Thanks to it I have been able to upgrade my discord bot that offer few services for the subscribers and now it uses hivesigner and the new steemlogin, and I can say so far so good gladly.

Surfing around I realized, I'm a bit late already because the official post for this new app was written 4 month ago by @futureshok (, and I noticed that the amazing site by @steemchiller is using it already.

Well better late than never isn't it?

Said so, and because I code practically just in python, and because on my flask application for the login part I' using this excellent package for hive and hivesigner (, I noticed that in the dev github page there was the same package but for steemconnect, so I just edit a couple of lines (litterally, basically I just copied the whole thing) and woilà here we have the steemlogin python package, forked directly from the original steemconnect one.


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wow very Nice

14.07.2020 18:02

Actually it is very simple I did nothing special as I've written in the article, the read dial guy is the original package author

14.07.2020 18:40


15.07.2020 02:25