Resumen del 15/08/2019: Anuncio de Actualizaciones

   Os presentamos las últimas actualizaciones del proyecto The Circle.

   Procedemos a informamos de que ya hemos finalizado el airdrop, habiendo un total de 295 cuentas que han recibido nuestro token.
Al final añadimos algunos usuarios más de los previstos en la distribución inicial.

   (Reiteramos que si algunos de los usuarios mencionados en el artículo inicial de presentación del proyecto no lo hubiese recibido, se ponga en contacto con nosotros a través de nuestro servidor de Discord).

   Hemos llevado ya a cabo la quema de tokens, que según lo anunciado y lo previsto para esta ocasión, la cantidad asciende a 1.358.000 SPHR, enviados a la cuenta @null.

   Hemos puesto ya a la venta en el mercado, la cantidad restante de tokens que anunciamos a modo de porcentaje en el White Paper, siendo esta cantidad de un total de 5.496.939'765 SPHR.

   Hemos fijado un precio inicial bastante competitivo, al alcance de todo el mundo, teniendo en cuenta como referencia, alguien que partiera de 0 tokens y adquiriera la cantidad mínima necesaria para entrar a jugar a la rifa mensual, que es de 2.500 SPHR (precio actual de esa cantidad en el mercado: 25 STEEM o 4'75$), ya que en el primer mes de dicha rifa, si este resultara ganador, obtendría 8.500 SPHR (precio actual de esa cantidad en el mercado: 85 STEEM o 16'15$).
Queremos decir con esto, que el precio fijado es un precio que no vemos desmesurado (ni para el gasto del que compra dicha cantidad de referencia, ni para el montante del bote que ganaría de la rifa mensual; todo traducido en dólares o STEEM).
Por supuesto, al final será el mercado el que acabe decidiendo el precio de nuestro token.

   Estamos planteándonos anunciar nuevas quemas de tokens aunque aún no tenemos claro si van a ser con carácter mensual o con carácter anual.
Tened en cuenta que este primer año hay 5M de tokens, pero en los años subsiguientes, el 65% de la Inflación Anual (650.000 tokens de 1M), van destinados directamente a la siguiente rifa anual, a recompensar a nuestros token holders activos y a sufragar los gastos de la administración del club.

   Por último, pediros también algo de vuestra paciencia en otra de las siguientes tareas que tenemos que llevar a cabo: fijar el porcentaje de voto para todo el mundo que posea nuestro token de manera que reciba un voto diario de The Circle en sus publicaciones.
Esto quizá nos lleve unos cuantos días si a ello le sumamos, además, la actualización de nuestra website y de nuestro Discord con los rangos y roles de cada token holder.

   Recordad que para acceder a toda la información actualizada de nuestro proyecto os recomendamos visitar tanto nuestra website como nuestro servidor de Discord..

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15.08.2019 11:27

Muchas gracias por las actualizaciones

16.08.2019 03:46

Scam...The tokens will dump in price as is normal so the projected payouts are a fallacy. A scam circle jerking scheme that cannot even deliver the circle jerking that it promises.

One huge con designed to benefit no one but @dresden and his cronies who are taking a 12% cut for them selves .

They are claiming the ROI on a 100steem investment is 400% What a load of lies and tosh.

A100 Steem investment will get you a 0.01stu upvote lol

Please don't encourage these scammers by buying their shit and worthless tokens , most of which they are keeping for themselves.

16.08.2019 07:03

Hello, Mr. Hater.
How is going over there? Did you take your pills already today?
Well, anyways we're always pleasured to answer questions to everyone, included ill minds as yours.
The projects is going as predicted, and everything ok over here.
Those 12% cuts you claim are just safeguards accounts for holding the tokens, but I did put by myself, the CEO, 300K tokens on sale, in case you're interested to know to gossip.
As I explained you in your last nonsense comment, for the example you told me of the 100 STEEM, yeah, almost a 400% daily ROI, only with our upvote.
If you take into account the monthly raffle, the annual distribution and the annual passive income the ROI is much higher.
We're sorry that all of your projects in STEEM and in Weku have failed, one after another, without mercy, but dude, just focus your hatred against an iron wall or start taking, beside pills, good habits as meditation or mindfulness.
That will help you get over it.
Have a nice sunny day and remember, good habits: varied and healthy diet, some daily exercise, meditation or mindfulness, read books, play relaxing music and some pill to take away your anxiety (because against hatred there is still nothing to cure it).
I know it's hard but if you try, maybe you'll get it.

16.08.2019 08:08

I don't need to know gossip, I query the block transactions carefully. I see all transactions on your accounts ;-)

You haven't yet mentioned the effect of a 50/50 curation split and changes in EIP to your potential 'investors' yet lol...I'm looking forward to the free downvotes ;-)

CEO LOL why do you keep calling yourself a CEO ? You have no comapny and no pot to piss in, which is shy you are desperately trying to sell shit tokens before rolling out. What does it say about your scheme that you are not even prepared to put your money where your mouth is!

Oh, there was an interesting discussion about you and your scheme in discord last night.

16.08.2019 09:08

So, you will see that we have nothing to hide ;-)
You're just looking forward, not for downvotes but for whole world to burn. Hopefully smart people doesn't hear ill people like you and the whole world is too big for people like you.
Does it also bother you that I am the head of my own project? Wow, this is getting funnier at times.
I did put my own money, since I created the token with my money and the most part of the actual The circle Steem Power is thanks to it,

You cant just keep talking, but would be better for you to talk about better topics for your mental health.
Hey, I don't really care what you talked about me, last night.

Have a nice day.

16.08.2019 10:31

And I don't care about you trying to complain about me to @Steemcleaners either lol...pathetic!

16.08.2019 14:25

2400sp hahaha how is that going to upvote anyone?

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16.08.2019 07:04

We would help all the part of the community that hold our token with every amount we had in that moment.
It's just free upvotes for almost 295 accounts, so, noone can blame us to give them more or less.
Thank you again.

16.08.2019 08:10

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16.08.2019 17:40