08/18/2019 Summary: Updates Announcement

   Greetings back to the community from the The Circle operations center.

   We remind you that to enjoy one of the most interesting services offered by this project, such as its free monthly raffle of 8,322 SPHR, all those who have at least 2,500 SPHR, must register on the Discord channel dedicated to that effect, showing your participatory will.

   We have finished adding each and every one of our token holders to our Fanbase so, right now, more than 290 users are receiving a small vote from us, in proportion to their SPHR amount.

   Our list of tokens holders shown on both the website and the Discord server goes to show only the first 65 tokens holders in the list, instead of all of them.

   The roles on the Discord server have already been assigned to all those who have joined us there.

   Remember that to access all the updated information of our project we recommend you visit both our website and our Discord server..

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