08/17/2019 Summary: Updates Announcement

   As you know, as we move forward with The Circle, we are commenting on all these changes, whether partial or total.

   In this case we want to start by informing you that we have already configured half of our Fanbase (for the daily votes to our token holders), so some of you you will have already received a free vote between yesterday and today.
We hope you like that little help that we can give you for now.

   On the other hand, we are also starting to work on the placement, both on the website and on the Discord server, of our token holders rakings and the allocation of roles (for those token holders who have already joined our Discord).

   Also comment that we have thought that the burning of extra tokens that we announced earlier, will be with monthly character, burning a total of 400,000 tokens/month.

   Finally, please be sure that anyone who buys more tokens (whether or not they already had tokens from the airdrop), inform us of this on our Discord channel dedicated to that effect. You would save us a lot of work in managing that matter and we would be very grateful.

   Remember that to access all the updated information of our project we recommend you visit both our website and our Discord server..

Comments 2

I was just wondering who the newly created and unused @nivaria account belonged to that you transferred 40,000 Sphere tokens to please and what they are for?
Payment in Advance for what? same question about the 60,000 tokens sent to @revolotear ?

17.08.2019 15:17

Hello again, Mr. Hater.
You're improving yourself: at least today your questions are not so very stupid, or you're just doing some false accusations or statements, intended.
Well, I do inform you those are the accounts wich about the White Paper already mention from my teammates. Those accounts are also their safeguards and their payment for their actual services, and, the most important, those a amounts are not taken into account for getting any of the benefits of being a token holder of The Circle.

17.08.2019 17:11