CONTEST: Looking Back/Look Forward 3.43.......THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

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You have memories, good ones of your childhood, you being a student which is already more than many can say. Let's hope the toddlers and young children will have the opportunity to go out, meet and greet and have fun again. I have strong doubts about their future and social skills but I do know one should not live in fear. Not for this virus or any other virus. We are not talking about 80% of the population getting seriously ill and dying but about not even 2% ending up in hospital and out of these 2 percent even less ends in the IC.
I do believe it's a way to take freedom away and make us stop travelling.

It's good we have internet and it's nice to meet you. I like your photo it's a colorful one.

Thanks for joining. 🍀💖

11.04.2021 06:24

Thanks @wakeupkitty your thoughts are quite through I believe we have been unjustly caged, but then again thanks for the internet, I believe I have met a great friend in you

11.04.2021 07:10

A few have big plans with the world population...feels like a sf film. I hope to meet you again.

11.04.2021 07:26

Welcome to CCC.
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Greetings @team-ccc


11.04.2021 07:32

Hello friend @the-patriarch, nice to read your post. You are completely right, we all miss those old days where we were not stroke by pandemic. All those good moments we used to have, that now are gone. We all miss it, but we hope we can have a better life in the near future. That's what we all look forward to. Greetings :)

onepercent #venezuela #affable

11.04.2021 18:36

Thanks for stopping by my friend, we all look forward to that future

11.04.2021 19:05

I agree, we all deserve a better future. Regards

11.04.2021 19:13

Quite a sound story to listen to. Thanks for sharing bro

12.04.2021 10:53

Hi. We have good and bad memories but as you say it is better to remember the good times. Have a good week and welcome back.

13.04.2021 16:54

Being a university student is a GREAT experience, God willing we can get back to normality and continue creating new life experiences!

15.04.2021 18:26