50 STEEM Prize Fund - 2021/22 Fantasy Football Scotland

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-With the Scottish Premier League season starting on 31st July, I have located a %5BFantasy Football Scotland%5D(https://www.fantasyfootballscotland.com/) game and created a %22Steemit League%22.%0A%0AUnlike %5BFantasy Premier League (still open for entries)%5D(https://goldvoice.club/steem/@the-gorilla/300-steem-prize-fund-fantasy-premier-league-fpl-2020-2021) and our recent %5BEuros Fantasy League (now complete)%5D(https://goldvoice.club/steem/@the-gorilla/100-steem-prize-fund-euro-2020-2021-fantasy-football), this game can only be played via a mobile phone.%0A%0AThe game is FREE TO PLAY and you can join by %5Bvisiting this link,%5D(https://www.fantasyfootballscotland.com/) downloading the app to your phone and selecting your team. %0A%0AYou can then join the Steemit League using code:%0A%3E uYM1s
+Fantasy Football Scotland is now closed to new entrants
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-# League Code To Join %0A%3E uYM1s%0A%0A


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