pleased as punch, February

I have a habit of paying myself a compliment before I highlight my errors. I’m in the pursuit of pleasure, and it’s not my proudest moment. It’s easy to say, I’m a glutton for a good time, but though it be enjoyable, it is seldom satisfactory. One might find himself well past the point of satiation, or just enough past midnight, to where it’s time to rise – a good night’s rest squandered on blockchain trading card games. ‘Time lost is not found again.’

Can you blame me? Don’t answer that. I am making progress. I acknowledge I made decisions based on that which gave me the most pleasure. The wrong guidance will steer you wrong. What a poor view, for a photographer to see the world in terms of self-service while claiming the arts! I make these observations to highlight two points. The vision I carry is a privilege, one that permits I share the wonders of imagination, and that I seek something greater. I am easily distracted but do have my eyes on a prize.

While we take pleasure in things, doing only what you want to do does not equal doing only what’s fun. Imagine reading a section of comments responding to a bot for the fun of it?

The comments in Spanish really crack me up.

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