Types of Love: Love for God

“When we trust gods power, he will either level the mountain or give us the strength to climb over it”~Unknown

Once you’ve become familiar with self love, the next type of love we all need in some form or another is love for God. I’m not getting into religion here, but to speak of only the love you feel for a superior being other than yourself. I’m talking about the love that comforts you when you’re alone, the love that amplifies self love. We were all created differently because we are superior in our own way, we are all meant for greatness and sometimes the search for a fulfilling love gets in our way, the need for validation, reciprocation, makes us lose faith in life.

This is where love for God comes in, where you have a force you levitate towards that has boundless love to shed on to you, the kind of love that nurtures your mind, body and spirit, allowing you to attain a state in your mind where you are capable of putting your burdens onto the love for God. Once you release this burden and acknowledge the universe, you are ultimately allowing yourself to receive the guidance you need to tap into your source within and move forward knowing there is a superior force that is always guiding and watching over you, and protecting you at all cost.

The love for God, like self love, comes from within. Knowing times you’ve hoped for something with all your heart, and when you are honest and put the right effort toward it and are capable of achieving it, you know there is a greater force joined with you to create this magic. Life itself is magic, and you should stop and appreciate the beauty that is all around you and within you, for you too are a creation that should be appreciated and this love will make you aware of how uniquely amazing you are, because you most definitely are! (If no one has told you so, I’m telling you❤)

Your purpose in this life is to guide those that are lost, by allowing yourself to be overflowing with love, you have the capability of introducing love for god into these lost souls, and giving them a chance to find their purpose and spread love to discover their true potential within. When you do the right things, when you are honest with yourself and others, when you lend a helping hand, when you care for another being without expecting, you are showing your love for god, you’re showing love for yourself. Our talents are all unique, with these talents we have the power to create a platform where we can show people what love for god did for us and can do for them. (You need to believe it to see it🌹)

Never stop believing, always be your best, always do your best, live in the present and let go of things no longer adding value to your life. When you hold onto to things that no longer add value to your life, you are allowing the love within you to be taken from you. Every person we meet has energy, seriously, vibes don’t lie, this is a true fact. When we come across a person overflowing with good energy, we feel their energy adding onto our energy source and when you meet someone who is not flowing with enough good energy, you realize they tend to consume your source and you’re left to feel depleted, so make sure you know who to keep and who to keep away from, and keep the energy flowing.

Love for god can be viewed as the ocean, that is so vast and full of energy, and just as the ocean flows into lakes, rivers and streams, the love for god also flows within each and every one of us, flowing to create the source of love within us, so that we can allow it to branch out to reach others. Only through this type of love are we able to grasp the magic that is within us and the universe, equally, for if you don’t have love for God you surely won’t have love for yourself, and vice versa. Love for God fills the empty places that Self love has failed to fill. Slowly, through the understanding that there is a superior force there to give you limitless love, should you want to seek it, that you are capable of using that source to fill the gaps in your self love. Love for god is knowing that if you do right, act right, and think right, you will be all right.

“Love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”
(1 Joohn 4:7)

Much love,T4L

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