Weeks in weeks out, the need to own a crypto wallet is increasing. This is as a result of the incessant increase in different crypto project. This has leads to different wallet coming into play. Some started without KYC, Phrase or Authentication. With concern towards wallet, the above issue was looked into and more security options were provided.



When it comes to crypto and savings, it is required that you save your tokens offline. This is to help ensure that your money is safe even when you are not cheking on your fund. Moreover, if you consider saving your token online, make sure that you have the private key to the account. This is to ensure that you can always restore your account when necessary. For those that have their fund on exchange, ensure that you don't leave your fund there for too long. Send it to wallet that you have control over.

With different crypto coin rolling into place, and with human high taste to own different coins, there is every need to store the coin in different places. The reason they are stored in different places is that many of them has their own Blockchain. Like Steem blockchain, Ethereum blockchain, Eos blockchain, Tron Blockchain etc. Managing this different token has resulted into different chaos, with some person's misplacing their phrase or it was lost.

This different challenges have let to the need of developing crypto wallet where different asset can be stored. This was the reason Spend wallet came into place.


Spend wallet is a universal cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store and manage different token without having to own numerous wallets.

With Spend, you don't need to use crypto to purchase your token, you can easily use fiat through visa card option. There is still an option to use cards like Itunes card, Amazon card etc to make purchase.




Spend wallets ensures that selling and buying of token is easily done without using the traditional stressful way. They ensure that all asset can be managed under one roof.


Below is the full step of how I access my Spend wallet.

I click on the Android link, and it took me to the Android market, where I hit the download option. It then started downloading, I waited till the download was complete.

This is the link to download the Android and IOS Versions. Android Version

IOS Version

Then I took the next step by lunching the app, it opens. If it is your first time using the wallet, you can create your account straight away, just the way I did mine. After I finish setting up my account by providing my username, password and pin, my account is now live.




Spend wallet has such an amazing interface that you will surely like. It was made so simply that even the first timer can explore it perfectly with ease. Some features of spend wallet includes as follows:

i. WALLET - This displays the amount of token you have and it also displays different asset which you can easily purchase. You can also search for different gift card through these medium and can also buy or sell different token.



ii. PRICE: You can use this medium to see the price for various token available. With this, you can keep yourself dated with how the crypto market is fairing.


iii. CARD: You can purchase various cards through this medium. For you to be able to use this service, you will have to get your account verified first.


vi. LOAN: This is not yet running, it is still processing. But it is simply about giving out loan.


v. PROFILE: When you look for a way to change your password, pin and others, hit on the profile, you will find all you need there.



Spend has proven to be a universal wallet as they ensure that we can purchase token through various means like using Amazon cards, Itune card etc.

Another good thing I also love is the support service. I must say, they did pretty well on that angle. Support is super smart, and they treat issues fast and smartly.


I noticed one bug and I must say it. When you minimized the app and you want to click on it again, after filling my password and username, it will start the registration process again, instead of logging me in. Please get this fixed.


Final Verdict

Going by the information provided above, Spend has proven to be a crypto wallet to be owned. With that in place, I am giving Spend a star rating of 4/5.


Github Project repository
My Github Profile

For more info on #Spend, visit here

Disclaimer: Images are properties of #Spend and are used for the sole purpose of this review

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Hello! Could you add the project right repository?

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Oh! Sorry for the stress, I have updated it

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

11.07.2019 20:50

Nice concept just like biftx

08.07.2019 21:33

Hello, I checked through the project repositories, but I couldn’t find the repo for the app. I think the project is not entirely an open source project. I advise you to check properly before reviewing any project. Also, be sure to pick the specific repo containing the codes of the app you are reviewing.

Thank you!

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