Practicing safety when it comes to your business

Using my country as a case study, it is difficult for the fireman here to perform their duties. Not like they don't want to carry out their duties but because some of the masses here are stubborn to educate. Despite all this, the safety officers still goes out to educate them while they need to take safety very serious.

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There is this fire outbreak that happened close to where I reside. Do you know that when the fire fighter came to the scheme of occurrence, hoodlums in that locality fought with the firemen and this sees them not able to perform their work efficiently. Come to think of it, humans are very funny. Why on earth will you refuse firemen from carrying out their duty. This is funny I must admit. Do you know that at the end of the day, the house was engulf with fire and all properties destroyed.

There is another one that happened and I witnessed it also. Do you know that as the fire men are fighting the fire, those hoodlums came again collected the branch from them. They (hoodlums) ended up wasting the water because they don't know how to operate the branch properly. With this rubbish behavior, the entire building got burnt. I really got sad and was not happy seeing such behaviour. Sometimes I imagine if they have sense at all.

Sometimes on scene of occurrence you will see them quarreling with fire fighters that they did not come to the scene of occurrence on time. When I hear some of them using such word, I will ask them, did you call them to report about the fire out break? 90% of them will say no. You didn't call to report the outbreak but you will be the one shouting that the fire fighters didn't arrive on time. Funny humans I must say.

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Fire fighters are not magicians to know if there is fire outbreak or not. You just have to make sure you have their number and uses it to reach to them incase of fighter outbreak. Everybody has to make sure they have the fire fighters number. It might not be useful now but it will be useful to you someday.

How will you feel when you receive the message that your company is on fire? You surely going to feel bad and the tears at that moment will be something you just can't control. Such thing can cripple you and you will be out of business forever. If you want to avert such thing from happening you have to make sure that you consider safety first.

What is Safety?

Safety can be defined as the act of being free from danger. This cut across so many categories. If you own your business make sure before you leave your business store, you should always endeavour to switch off your control power switch. With this, if there is power supply and you are not around but your control power switch is switched off, you won't be bothered.

While you are in your store, you should try within your power to make sure that you avoid anything that will sees you lighting candles. You might forget it and it might lead to fire outbreak.

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Don't because of fund go for inferior electrical materials. If you go for such, be prepared to face the worst someday. If there is light supply and the wires are not able to handle the current, the fire will get burnt and this can lead to havoc.

Every body is suppose to have fire extinguisher at home, stores, companies etc. This is to enable you to be able to apply first aid when there is fire 🔥 outbreak.


From the above we can see how vital it is to practice safety in our place of work or bour company. Don't play with safety otherwise you might regret it and by that time, it might be too late when the head is cutoff.

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Safety must be considered first all the time, sometimes because people are trying to manage funds and resources you see them going to purchase inferior materials which is an extremely wrong move especially when it has to do with electricity, when it comes to business or any other thing relating to life, safety needs to be placed first.

06.03.2021 16:01

hello @tfame3865.

As you say: it is better to take care of ourselves and have security at work or in our business, if we do not take the necessary precautions, it may be too late, greetings and thank you for your contribution.

06.03.2021 19:16

We all hope for the best, but there are things that are in our control or responsiblity. It's important to switch off power supply when we're going out. It's also important to have the numbers of the firefighters. We must endeavor to put safety first. Very informative post indeed. Thanks for sharing!

06.03.2021 19:51

Hi @tfame3865 In relation to the information you share, you are right to have knowledge and respect for the management of security and the people who are dedicated to support communities to preserve it is of utmost importance. Society must be educated on this topic in order to avoid the situations that you expose. Both in our homes and in the companies we work we must pay attention to this issue and have the necessary resources to have this covered ... thanks for sharing!

08.03.2021 11:37

Safety is actually extremely important in business and for every business owner it must be a great option at all times.

08.03.2021 12:08