Dear Teuku Riefky Harsya

Cc Timses


I heard that one of the wisdoms that you do is often welcome Acehnese scholars if you go to the capital city of Jakarta.

But unfortunately, it can not maintain good relations with the ulema and 5 million Acehnese Muslims who have been legally bloody - blood fight for Islamic Sharia in which every Muslim aqil baligh is obliged to wear the hijab.

Regardless your wife is not a resident of Aceh, but you are a husband, son of Aceh and the Republic of Indonesia DPR from Aceh.

If a wife alone cannot be controlled, then the aspirations of millions of Acehnese people will fail again.

May you wisely consider the aspirations of 5 million people compared to the aspirations of a wife to remove the hijab on your inauguration day as the representative of Aceh in Senayan.

Suggestion, apologize to the 5 million people of Aceh.

Mustafa Woyla, Bumoe Singet Observer

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