Lingerie Photoshoot In Abandoned Factory

I have been into urban exploration for many years and have just recently started to do photo shoots as well. So it was only natural that I would combine the two! But for this shoot with Michelle we added a new twist to it, a lingerie shoot (which I have never done before) in an abandoned factory.

The factory itself is crumbling and half demolished, which made for some great opportunities and challenges. Being able to capitalize on some of the opportunities we shot for a full afternoon and walked away with some great shots!

Let me know what you think!

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06.09.2019 19:01

Great pictures, cool location and a very lovely model! Although, a bit too much tattoos for my taste ;)

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06.09.2019 19:31

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06.09.2019 20:50

Good effects

06.09.2019 20:50

Ok the stage is good for the photos, I can say that the dark colors give that special touch of gloomy but sexy, obviously the model is beautiful and reflects a lot of art, congratulations for the session!

07.09.2019 03:46

Great photoshoot! I like your choice of a model. She looks like a normal girl instead of the 'perfect' (or what society says about beauty) girl from the fashion magazine. I also like the atmosphere of abandoned factory. It's a great combination of two completely different things - factory and lingerie.

Well done! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

09.09.2019 06:44