A Weekend Of Steel Wool And Light Painting

On Friday I had a real desire to play around will steel wool, so I convinced a couple of friends to join me in a storm drain with the nickname "the wall of anguish". The water in part of the tunnel is usually only knee deep but it was waste deep on that night. We slugged through the water and ended up in a very uniquely shaped metal tunnel, and thats when the fun began!



After spending a couple of hours creating orbs and doing portraits, we decided to head out and call it a night.

Then on Saturday evening @mikeheinhold contacted me asking if I wanted to get out and shoot. There is the last section of an old car factory that is about to be rebuilt so we needed to do something with it one last time. But what we wondered, then decided on steel wool again with the addition of light painting.





I'm a firm believer that when you are "feeling" a style, run with it! And after running with it, this weekend ended with some great shots! Let me know what you think of them

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23.09.2019 22:58

Very cool effects you got there— love the industrial vibe/theme!

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23.09.2019 23:15

Very cool!

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23.09.2019 23:53