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Technology became the purposeful application of information for the development of systematic techniques for making and doing things. Due to its essential utilization, enthusiast person take it over to go beyond cryptocurrency – the digital currency.

Nowadays, cryptocurrency integrates with the application of online gambling like Casino. It became the platform to bring enthusiast to the next level of the online world, having the opportunity to go beyond best online gaming experience. Just a simple click to link internet at your most convenient and favorable access.

Moreover, Blockchain technology is the backbone of cryptocurrency. It fortifies the digital coins and run on a blockchain to record and transfer to many other real world transactions. This global phenomena is rising as online gaming – the online Casino in its exceptional feature as BeTronlive. BeTronlive is the revolutionary gaming network which links all participants in real time. The most versatile, fair, user-friendly and well-designed method that offers online gamers easy access and functional in the online gambling industry.

“The TRON network is a decentralized protocol – one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world.” All users have the equal access and opportunities to interact with others and be able to play games, including live dealer games, and experience a more realistic, and hassle free iGaming experience.

In this way, players will be regularly updated and has an options to enjoy an online reality of gambling with live dealers. The games will be governed by TRON network’s principles and guidance to deliver a safe and foreseeable income to token holders.


Rake Token is a token based on TRC–20 and is the original crypto-currency. BetTronLive will also use Rake Token in the working system. Users will benefit and may encourage other players in boosting the platform. The Blockchain technology provides players complete liberty to transfer or simply keep RAKE tokens in a safe place between each other. BetTronLive offers opportunity cryptocurrency enthusiast and all internet players in winning and mining the Rake Token by using the platform in various ways.



The live dealer features a distinctive role to BetTronLive. It will bring the same experience to all internet gamers, the same feature to land-based casinos around the world without physically visiting the place. There will be an integrated live chat to create real connection to the online community of dealers and players.

The Live Dealers can engage with the players and give the community a space to dialogue, share their techniques and then jump right back into the game together. BetTronLive offers the most reliable groundwork in the market nowadays featuring a realistic avenue to players. BeTronlive utilizes various strategy and method such as a combination of Multiple Global Feeds and expert knowledge of the Game Interface. It also use the LIVE OPERATION MODEL streaming cameras that captures the real scene of the table and the action of the dealer. There will be an automated card or game result recognition system. This will evaluate and assess the result then deliver it to the player’s interface. This technique can be applied in Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo for a real-time, immersive gaming experience.

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A good project in this community.😊lets continue to support it.

28.07.2019 01:14

Interesting project to HODL! 😀😀

28.07.2019 02:54

This is truly revolutionary in online gaming. Live dealers will introduce an interesting twist on the online gaming experience.

28.07.2019 07:17