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Greetings and blessings to the entire steemfoods community and to all my followers, it is my pleasure. Share this delicious recipe today.
It is a basic cake with few ingredients that is quick and easy to prepare. A spectacular cake that will be fluffy and perfect to accompany with coffee or share with the family on your birthday.


. 300 grams of wheat flour
. 300 grams of sugar
. 6 eggs
. 1 tablespoon vanilla (optional)

Instructions for preparation:
In a container add the sugar with a little water until it is moistened.


Place the sugar with the water over low heat until it becomes a syrup. Then turn it off and let it sit for a minute.



In a separate container, pass the wheat flour through a strainer so that air is incorporated.


Turn the oven to high heat and flour the pan.


Separate the egg white in a container to start beating with the help of a mixer until it reaches the point of snow.



Then add the syrup in the form of a thread without stopping beating.


Add the vanilla.


Then incorporate the wheat flour little by little in an enveloping way with a paddle.


Once the entire procedure is ready, add the mixture to the pan and take it to your preheated oven.


Let it cook for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Remove and wait to cool to serve.


Nothing better than enjoying and sharing a delicious homemade dessert with the family.

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Made in: Venezuela / Margarita / Nueva Esparta.
Author: @terediaz

All photos are my property, taken with my Alcatel 01 mobile.

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Saludos @terediaz, veo con agrado que estas trabajando duro en tus post, continua así, buen trabajo...

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Gracias @thomblanco por todo el apoyo. Que brindas

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