THE LID TIMELINE REPORT FOR MY POSTS 12/01/2021. Spotlight: Barbing salon/ Hairdresser (100% POWERED UP)

Keep on working hard. Your success will heal the wounds that your hard work is causing. Your hard work over time may bring your knees to the ground, but the success thereof will set your feet on higher-ups ground. Remain blessed

FB_IMG_1610483783716.jpg Beautiful CEO of SYLVIA BEAUTY SALON


Welcome my friends to share my day with me. It's a pleasure to keep on participating in this contest organized by @steemAlive. Hope you're enjoying it like I do. Follow me lets check on my day.


1st LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 5:38am
Date: 12/01/2021

Good morning to you fellow steemians. Welcome to a new day which we're opportuned to see. I give thanks to God for the gift of life and his endless love. Hope the night was a good one for you? For me it was good although a little short but I managed to catch sleep. I just woke up few minutes ago, I will say my morning prayers after this LID entry. It's so quite and cold outside which makes me a little lazy to get out of bed. My plans for today are still not yet clear as I have so many things to do but no money to move out and do it. Well I will be updating you all with what happens. Today I will make puff puff for breakfast to be eaten with beans or tea. Feel free to join us in about 1 hour 30 minutes to get yours. Have a nice day

IMG_20210112_053044.jpg Lazing on the bed

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2nd LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 8:15am

Hello my dear friends im back again and in a very short while too. Unfortunately my breakfast program changed as I realised there was no yeast so no puff puff today. I made simple bread, chocolate and tea for boy to eat before going to school. Today I had to take him to school as mama prepared for school. It is quite busy at the main street now. It's like a mad rush with adults hurrying to their jobs, children to school on time taxi drivers and bike riders doing transportation. It's been long I saw this kind of busy street in morning. I'm going back home to go about my house activities and have my breakfast (fruit salad) which I prepared and left in the fridge to cool. See you guys soon with more from me

IMG_20210112_080555.jpgThe main road

IMG_20201117_071315.jpgBoy ready for school

IMG_20210111_100822.jpg Breakfast

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3rd LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 5:45pm
Date: 12/01/2021

Good day you all my friends. The day seem to be good and quite here. How's it going in your area? Cool I guess. Today I spent most of the day alone in the house. It was boring and slept somehow but I was woken up by grandma and my cousin when they returned from the village. They had gone to the village for weekend and to work in the farm. It's the farming season so everyone is engaged in cultivating their farmland especially for yams. I got busy with arranging the foodstuffs they brought from the village while chatting with grandma. There's no dull moment with grandma as she always has stories to tell. I have laughed until my ribs hurts. At the moment we're eat the pop corn and crackers I made while grandma is also pounding the bitter leaf she brought. I wanted to do it but she refused so I'm just assisting her select the bitter leaf before pounding. I'm happy they're back at least I won't be bored again. For the rest of the evening I don't know but I may go out soon to see a friend. See you guys later

IMG_20210112_161044.jpg Pop corn and crackers

IMG_20210112_161528.jpg Enjoying ourselves

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Spotlight: Barbing salon/ Hairdresser
4th LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 9:45pm
Date: 12/01/2021

Hello my friends at this point I will be taking about my hairdresser. She's been my hairdresser since I was a baby. I can remember how she and her sister will always fight to do my hair. Being the first granddaughter and the only little girl in the house I enjoyed so many things from them. This is no other than my aunt who is the CEO of "SYLVIA BEAUTY SALON". She has been in this business for more than 15 years and is a professional at what she does. She offers the following services

• Plaiting for women
• Haircut for men
• Esthetics
• Massage
• Make up

And many more. She is located at food market street from City chemist opposite Nanga bakery Bamenda. Just make a stop at her place and enjoy her services.

Screenshot_20210112-214053.jpg partial view of salon interior

Screenshot_20210112-214157.jpg Doing face treatment

Screenshot_20210112-214129.jpg with her apprentices

FB_IMG_1610483830381.jpg Sign post

FB_IMG_1610483844302.jpg Haircut

FB_IMG_1610483783716.jpg Beautiful CEO of SYLVIA BEAUTY SALON

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5th LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 10:45pm

Hello dear friends hope you're having a nice evening where ever you are? It's a wonderful evening here with my family. We were all chatting and recounting stories with grandma making us laugh out our lungs with her stories. This is one of my best evenings. We also had a neighbor who came to fix the teaching program with my cousin since my mother asked him to teach my cousin at home. We also shared some exciting moments with him and he told us about the bad guys who used to terrorise the quarter. It's a relief those guys have been killed as everyone was living in fear because of them. I have been a victim of their attack too, in fact almost everyone has met their ambush in the quarter. We now live in peace in the quarter. When this Neighbor left we joined to have a family prayer and Leslie was asked to lead us in prayers. Behold he made us all laughed by giving the prayer before meals, I couldn't hold myself as I laughed. Well it was a confusion due to sleep as he was already before prayer time. We just finished having prayers and I'm on my bed already. I will sleep after writing my post. I will try to sleep before midnight today.. hahahaaaaaah.. that's if I succeed. Good night my dear friends that's all from me


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This is a timeline of my LID reports for today. Thank you for reading my reports, I hope you enjoyed it. I am a volunteer reporter for the LID project and am not alone. Would you like to see the reports of other volunteers, check the original LID post.
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Nice lid timeline. Your spotlights are exceptional. Those hair cuts are beautiful. Were you the one that was doing that face treatment?
Please how did you make that crunchy crackers? I want to learn so that I give my kids a treat. @tenguhatanga

twopercent #nigeria #affable

13.01.2021 17:47

Thank you momma. No I wasn't the one doing the face treatment. It's my aunt, she's a professional at that.

For the crackers its simple to do it's. Buy a packet from market, fry in hot groundnut oil. Remove immediately it expands or as you see like on the picture. That's all. Don't worry we will talk about it personally. Your children will love it

twopercent #cameroon

13.01.2021 18:09

OK dear, I will like us to talk about it. Thanks for your response

13.01.2021 18:20

OK dear, I will
Like us to talk about it.
Thanks for your response

                 - ngoenyi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

13.01.2021 18:21

Hello, your reports are great! I can see many eyes catching event there especially those meals that you took today. And your city is a good looking one from the view on the picture. Thank you very much for sharing with us your reports in full! It was wonderful.


13.01.2021 21:38

Thanks for visiting my post and appreciating it too. The meals are so delicious. I may invite you next time if you want

twopercent #cameroon

13.01.2021 22:44

Thank you my friend for having the mind to invite me over to meal with you. I would love to come but there's one thing that will always hinder me; and that's distance

14.01.2021 06:01