Be very careful with the people around you who never see anything wrong with everything that you do. Those who always see everything good in all that you do, maybe are the worst pretenders. If they can't say your weaknesses to your face, that's because they are saying it to others in your back or grumbling within themselves. Discern and know how to treat such.


Hello dear friends. Greetings from my side. It's another time to bring to you my LID for the 06/01/2021. It was a great day over here. You can check it out below.


1st LID report

Time: 6:20am
Location: Matazin, Santa Bamenda Cameroon
Good morning dear friends. Welcome to another day. Guess you all had a great rest? As for me I can't say I did as I spent the night in the bus. All I feel is tiredness and pain now. I tried sleeping several time but it wasn't easy as I was seated in the bus. At the moment we are at Matazin, the check point in to Bamenda. It's very cold here, this place is known for the cold and so as everyone was going down to show their ID cards I remained in the bus else the cold can kill me. We've been checked at the first section and heading to the second section but we're waiting for our own turn as there are other buses from other agencies and other towns going to Bamenda. From here we have about 2 hours to reach Bamenda. My activities are so many that I don't think I can do all. I have to submit a business plan then go to the village to spend some time with my friend and then attend a funeral. But the preparation activities in between are so many that I'm not sure to complete all. Nevertheless let's keep our fingers crossed. See you guys soon with another feed from me.

In the bus

twopercent #cameroon


Spotlight: Pedestrians
2nd LID report

Time: 3:30pm
Location: Hospital roundabout Bamenda Cameroon

Good afternoon dear friends. How's the afternoon over there? It's a bright, sunny and hot afternoon here. It is also booming with so many activities ranging from commercial to personal activities from each individual. It's been a busy day for me since I arrived Bamenda in the morning. I had some money to collect which made me spend about 3hours trying to collect. Fortunately I collected and sent for the preparation for the buried we have in village. At the moment I'm at hospital roundabout about to take a car for my hometown.

Today's spotlight is about pedestrians. We are to capture the people waking the the streets in our various locations. I was able to capture mine from where I stood at my aunt's salon ( see picture below). From it you can see there are not many people on the streets this is as a result of the end of Christmas and New year celebrations. Now people are rarely found on the streets rather they're at their business sites trying to make money. See you guys soon for more updates from my side

In the car about to leave for the village

IMG_20210106_142816.jpg Few pedestrians walking on the street

twopercent #cameroon


3rd LID report

Time: 6:50pm
Date: 06/01/2021
Location: Mbon park, Mbengwi central, Bamenda Cameroon

Good evening to you dear friends. What's up this evening in your area? Here in Mbengwi it's a mixed feeling as everyone is scared of the unknown. When I got to the village I heard there was a confrontation between the military and the Amazonian fighters which led to the dead of some military guys and a lady who's the divisional delegate of communication. This has created a some fear as about 25 amour cars have gone down to the area so it's hot that way.

Nevertheless it's a good moment as I got to see my friend after a long time. The last time we saw each other was at Grandpa's funeral. I took out time to come be with her and her little Mira is also happy to see me too. At the moment we're heading to her house as she just closed her business place. See you soon for more from here.
IMG_20210106_183309.jpg Mbon park this evening

IMG_20210106_182933.jpg little Mira playing

twopercent #cameroon

4th LID report

Time: 10:30pm
Date: 06/01/2021
Location: GRA Mbengwi central, Bamenda Cameroon

Good evening my lovely people. Guess you all had a great day and achieved your day's goals too. It's been a wonderful day here in the village. I'm spending time with my friend and family and her beautiful daughter has made me play a lot this evening. We made rice and tomato sauce when we returned and ate together as a family. At the moment we're all having a chat and watching a movie, I don't even know the title. I'm just having fun now and I'm so happy I came home. This is going to be last LID entry for today. Have a good rest my friends. Good night.

IMG_20210106_221031.jpg Having movie

The movie

twopercent #cameroon


This is a timeline of my LID reports for today. Thank you for reading my reports, I hope you enjoyed it. I am a volunteer reporter for the LID project and am not alone. Would you like to see the reports of other volunteers, check the original LID post.
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Comments 13

You have to be careful there in the village. That kind of fight is not usually civilians and military is not usually a good one.
Innocent souls can be lost in the process.

Your village seems to be very big and developed. I trust you are enjoying your stay.

07.01.2021 17:30

My dear everyone is trading with caution here, even a baby of one month is careful. This fight is really breaking ones heart everyday. We pray it ends soon. The village would have been more developed if not for the crisis

I did enjoy myself in the village @tmighty

twopercent #cameroon

08.01.2021 23:32

Your hair looks nice ,please stay safe and be careful

07.01.2021 18:20

I am actually safe my dear. Where I was staying is one of the safest place in my village now. The bad guys can't attack there if not they will face the military. Thanks for reading my post

twopercent #cameroon

08.01.2021 23:34

When I was young my parents do tell us a story of someone who travelled to Bamenda and spent his whole life there. Now being a steemian has earned me the opportunity to view Bamenda on picture courtesy of you. Thanks a lot. Meanwhile, I must say you are enjoying yourself with your friends. Just be very careful.

07.01.2021 19:16

Yes my day was good @meymeyshops. There are so many Nigerians living in Bamenda and doing their businesses even now. They almost occupied our town before but not now as they have all ran away because of the crisis. Only few are left

twopercent #cameroon

08.01.2021 23:36

Most people have already returned to their location after Xmas and new year celebration, that's why that area look dry. It's nice you got acquainted with an old friend. Hope you enjoyed your time with her. Keep calm and stay blessed. One love

07.01.2021 21:29

Thanks my friend @ckole. Actually this area is not empty because of people returning to their place of work after the celebration. The town has been disserted because of the crisis here. Many people have moved to other towns to work and education for children. Only the courageous are left here

twopercent #cameroon

08.01.2021 23:39

It was really a cool day for you, nice photographers too. Keep it up @tenguhatanga

08.01.2021 02:51

Thank you for reading my post and the encouragement too. Remain blessed

twopercent #cameroon

08.01.2021 23:40

You are welcome, keep it up.

09.01.2021 03:16

It seems your day really went well... Do have a nice day

08.01.2021 12:31

Yes my day was really good. Thanks for reading

08.01.2021 23:41