Be modest in appearance and character. U can be attractive without being seductive. Many years later, u will look at yourself in the mirror & regret why u trusted in your physical beauty. If the mental beauty is prioritized, then the bodily beauty can now come easily


I woke up at around 7:45am very laziness, I felt like sleeping again but I had no choice than wake up. I said my prayers, made my LID report for the morning, chatted with some friends and jumped out of bed. Today I have to go to town and do some few transactions. I quickly brushed my teeth, took my breakfast and settled for work.

Just waking up

IMG_20201021_075431.jpg my breakfast


I signed up for the day, checked my schedule and task for the was MCM, commission management and start preparing my quarter reports. I checked on my commission, assigned tasks and gave updates for the department concerning the NEC on Saturday and adjusted the time to suit everyone to attend the space. By 11:30am I started working on my quarter reports by gathering my data and putting everything in place. This took me till 2:15pm when I stopped and took my lunch, then took my bathe and stepped out. I was to catch up with a lady to recover my friend's ID card which she lost. I collected it successfully and went to see my aunt at big mankon. I was to collect some things to send to her son in Douala. I first stopped at my aunt at food market so that I can attend my board meeting (MCM). It started at 3:30-4:35pm and discussion was based on departments feedback, updates, inputs from the president, B2Y project and it's progress, Nat'co (national conference) which we are having next weekend so preparations need to begin. After the meeting I went to see my aunt, collected the things, registered them at the agency to be sent and went back home around 6:24pm. I took my super and retired to my room to continue working on a presentation for Saturday. I later had some chats on the social media before sleeping around 12:48am. That's all for my day thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing your better life with steem. Let's keep on with the good work in steem.




25.10.2020 05:35

Thank you my friend. I will do my best to ensure the growth of the community

twopercent #cameroon

25.10.2020 14:20

Thank you dear @tenguhatanga for sharing your diary. I so much appreciate your being quote. Yes, character is the most important thing in life. That is most beautiful thing one can strive to acquire. Hope your meeting went as planned? You did well by helping your friend recover her lost Id card. What is the name of that your breakfast?

twopercent #nigeria

25.10.2020 06:01

Thank you very much moma I appreciate your encouragement to me. My breakfast is plume (which you call pear in Nigeria)and bread

twopercent #cameroon

25.10.2020 14:18

Wow, mouth watering pear and bread. Is been long I ate it last.

25.10.2020 15:00

I love eating bread and pear

25.10.2020 21:55

@tenguhatanga I am glad to read your diary.Your qoute really made sense.
That breakfast (plantain chips and pear)?...I have not tasted such combo.

Here,we combine pear with cooked or roasted corn.

You had a busy and fruitful day.I love it.

I wish you a lovely day ahead.


onepercent #nigeria

25.10.2020 14:27

It's not plantain chips but bread, it's very tasty in the mouth. You should try it and tell me. Thank you for your compliment

twopercent #cameroon

25.10.2020 21:53

@tenguhatanga and late-night lol.
Was really a stressful day for you with all the movements in town.
I'm very fun to feel lazy to get off from bed, I'm happy you finally got up to face the challenges of the day.

twopercent #cameroon

25.10.2020 21:00

Yes I did after a difficult moment. I usually feel like that when I sleep early that's why I mostly work at night and sleep for for less hours.

twopercent #cameroon

25.10.2020 21:55

I think you passed a very busy day. I went through your entire diary. How did you recover the id card??? Did you call police??

26.10.2020 03:46

No I didn't call the police. The ID card was picked by a lady who called her to get it but she couldn't leave the house without her ID else she will be in trouble with the police. So she called me to help her collect it with all details and I did.

twopercent #cameroon

26.10.2020 06:33
26.10.2020 06:59

Why the date ?

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The Steemit Team

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28.10.2020 10:15