New Song - Bad House Democracy by Synthesis Underground


Been working on this track for a few days. Now I had to record it. I lend my computer out to my friend here and I don't want to lose the track. I am unable to save on the program 'cause I don't have a full version so I gotta record it with Audacity. That's okay, it's more of a fun practice track!! Took some samples where the creepy news repeats the same thing on every channel. Got some house beats, then added some keyboards and effects. I like how it turned out. I am getting better as I go along and always feel better when I create and finish a track! Working on another one too. I think what I may do is pre-record allot of drum samples. Make my own library. Then it will be easier to make songs even if I am unable to save currently. Sometimes you learn more skills with limitations. I always believe use what you have, don't let fancy equipment or software discourage you and always be on the lookout for discounts on gear.

Here is the song!!

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