New Album! Sound Chef's Mistake by Synthesis Underground


Electronic Experimental Project

I'm stoked I got this out! Good therapy. I went over it and the story makes sense. For now the titles are the lyrics. I found it worked well as an experience! Yes that is what I am aiming for!! I feel pumped releasing the music, confident in what I can do next.

It's out for Name Your Price on Bandcamp right now!!

Yea I do feel like I want to do as much as possible. There has been no time quite like this before. I want to be in that place where I'm not spooked, also not trying to be hardcore really. To make a vibe where we can come down, be real, awesome. I feel the pull to music for a sort of therapy and I hear it after it's done. Gets me more interested in self expression like I'm getting to know myself. Where can shown, get the vibe, feeling this right.

The album will be on Spotify etc. around May 10th.

I already have had a single on the album out for awhile now! It's still on Soundcloud, on Spotify too.

Song is called Rangeling Runaround

Also there are some recent tracks I didn't include on the album.

like this one

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