Added Vocal To New Track Called Lost In Indirection

Or perhaps I could call it Missing In Missed Direction. It was something I was working on and just wanted to finish. I'm trying to get the basic track and lyric down so that I can practice and perform it a bit. I have another I have been doing vocals with too!!

This is the other one I did awhile ago with some vocal. I like what I've done! I want to almost get an alternative rock project going, at the same time I like this stripped down almost industrial kind of approach too. I think I want to do both. It sure changes when there are words to go with the songs. This one is called Blankmas

Massesect · Blankmas

I like what I've done with this one too. Some of the vocals clip a bit. Just trying to get the basic idea of the sound down. Again I sure like it with some vocals to it! Been making mostly instrumental for quite awhile. I made a little guitar riff yesterday too! I think I still have some more time before any sort of work starts beyond this so looking to see what I can cook up. I may try to perform these songs for practice on f.b. or something. Once I go through it a few times I can change some lyrics or sounds or not, also want to move on to others and see what works or what I like.

Massesect · Lost In Indirection with Vocal

If I like the songs and can get the sound good then I will release some songs with lyrics in them via distribution. For now I'm just having a blast putting something together. I know I just gotta keep making stuff. I have another track I want to put out soon.

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