While on t.me/EOSVenezuela telegram, I just tipped 1 Telos (TLOS) and 1 PSO Cryptopeso via Telegram no blockchain wallet needed to receive, thanks to bloks.io EOS TLOS & WAX tip bot by syed_jafr and Telos version funded by Telos Worker proposal


https://t.me/eosvenezuela Get 1 free PSO and TELOS by joining @eosvenezuela telegram

and get some extra @cryptopso PSOp on the discord https://discord.gg/z9ysPuw

EOSIo theme song for steemians :D "Don't start carin about me now"

if you don't wanna see me dancin with another blockchain....


Also check out hese stats, Telos (USA) vs EOS(CHINA) BPs, its USA vs China!


AND speaking of proposals, there's one for @tipit https://tipit.io coming up soon for $100 in telos and another for more soon! download https://SQRLWallet.io to learn aboutthe proposal and see it and vote on it and get a free telos account (millions)( check @teloswps for new Telo proposal discussion where we can use @steempeak and guest accounts via google login to allow conversation about worker proposals we repost to steem on @teloswps !

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