Thinking About Creating and Hosting Dapps? Think Chromia


While the spread of Cryptocurrency continues to grow rampantly, the current dapp experience is far from perfect. Making a new move, Chromia is doing some very unique things in the space, relational blockchain, horizontal scaling with sidechain(s) for each dapp, powerful programming language. Chromia would become the most user friendly dapp hosting platform.

Essentially, Chromia’s goal is to build a platform which offers superior performance for decentralized applications, whilst providing the tools to make development as easy as possible for developers of all backgrounds.

Creating a platform that is highly decentralized. Each dapp hosted on its platform, is programmed to run on its own blockchain, any mismanagement or overloading of the network of one DApp will remain problematic for that specific chain only, and will not interfere with the wider Chromia ecosystem.


Quality user experience is the aim of every platform, that's why Chromia is designed with the requirements of developers and users explicitly in mind, built to facilitate the creation of genuinely scalable, secure & feature-rich decentralized applications.

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