My First Post In Steemit

Hi Steem network this is my first distribution Where I need to present myself.


My name is Maria Gutierrez, I'm 25 years of age and possibly with the photographs you are somewhat befuddled yet on the off chance that it's me, I'm from Venezuela and I at present live in Santiago de Chile.
I see myself as a withdrawn individual, I like computer games, watching motion pictures and arrangement.


From a particular age I began to have enthusiasm for finding out about gastronomy, and contemplating it is something I needed to do the most, yet because of monetary issues I was unable to examine it, so I began learning all alone.


Now I work as a cook in a Peruvian restaurant.
This was my presentation, I hope you like it, see you in my next post.

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03.06.2020 08:35

Seems interesting ,I will check it mate

09.06.2020 03:08

Greetings @teflorga, Welcome to the steemit blog!

03.06.2020 08:36


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03.06.2020 08:36

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03.06.2020 08:40

Well presented mate !
Welcome to steemit. Hope to hear more from you !
Upvoted and Followed !

03.06.2020 09:55

Thank you, followed you too and upvoted :)

04.06.2020 00:05

Hi @teflorga welcome to Steem Community. We are happy that you decided to be part of Steem Community. I hope you will enjoy your blogging journey on steemit. I have some tips for you to get started.

  • Checkout @steemingcurators for tips and guide on Steemit.
  • Follow @ steemitblog run by The Steemit Team for news, information and fun challenges to participate. They also offering an opportunity for you to contribute in the community moving forward. Have a nice day!

@cryptokannon, Community Steem Greeters

07.06.2020 14:10

Hello @teflorga
I'm @mariita52 from Venezuela.
God bless you and I tell you from the heart. My youngest son is also in Peru and since then I feel all the sons and daughters who left as mine. I love that you're at Steemit.
I am from the Steem Greeters welcome and guidance team at Steemit. My partner @ cryptokannon gave him some fundamental advice for a successful start at Steemit. I would add the use of tags (tags) because this is what will give visibility to your posts, if you post only on steemit add the tags #steemexclusive, if you participate in the @steemitblog challenges add # the100daysofsteem and if it is the challenge "The newspaper game "Don't hesitate to ask any question, that's what we are for.

Hola @ teflorga
Soy @ mariita52 de Venezuela.
Dios te bendiga y te lo digo desde el corazón. Mi hijo menor también está en Perú y desde entonces siento a todos los hijos e hijas que se fueron como míos. Me encanta que estés en Steemit.
Soy del equipo de bienvenida y orientación de Steem Greeters en Steemit. Mi compañero @ cryptokannon le dio algunos consejos fundamentales para un comienzo exitoso en Steemit. Agregaría el uso de etiquetas (etiquetas) porque esto es lo que dará visibilidad a sus publicaciones, si publica solo en steemit agregue las etiquetas #steemexclusive, si participa en los desafíos @steemitblog agregue # the100daysofsteem y si es el desafío "El juego del periódico" No dudes en hacer cualquier pregunta, para eso estamos.



07.06.2020 18:43

Thank for let me know.I really apprieciate what is @ cryptokannon doing.

09.06.2020 03:07