Quiting A Job The Right Way.

"I'm Quitting My Job".
Definitely one of those things everyone's gonna have to deal with at some point in life. Having a job in the first place is mostly considered a privilege in many parts of the world . A well paying job could also feel like a blessing but at some point, we may begin to have thoughts about quiting that job for several reason. The pay, the environment, starting a business, another job opportunity may all be good reasons to quit a job but their are few important things that should be done or considered before quiting the job. I'll talk on a few important things and try to not bore you with many talks.

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Firstly, Do what's best for you and don't quit without a plan. "Follow your heart" is mostly like what many would say when you seek their opinions about quiting a job which I think is a lazy response anyway. Doing what's best for you also includes your mental health and your financial situation. There's more to quiting a job than just the thought of writing a resignation l
letter (if you're kind enough) and leaving the establishment. Make sure you have a viable source of income & survival when you quit that job so you don't get stranded or end up regretting why you had to quit in the first place.
You could be quitting a job to venture into a business or maybe become employed for a higher salary/ better environment. Even though it's a bold step to quit a job completely when you don't have another yet, It's always best to keep one foot in the current job and the other in a prospect business/ job until you feel comfortable enough to quit completely. This has never hurt no one.

Secondly, It's very common to begin to feel unattached to the establishment you're leaving. Try as much as possible to refrain from saying negative things about your job, colleagues and your boss while you're still there and even afterwards. The temptation would come but it's never a good way to leave. Also try to make peace with the key figures of the establishment before you leave if there was any feud beforehand. Although this might be difficult and I don't fully recommend it , but you can do it if you feel comfortable with the process. You really don't know where you'd meet again and a little feud could cost you so many opportunities.

Lastly, get your employers involved in the process of transition by talking to them about your exit politely and reasonably. I've known quit alot of people who quit their jobs by simply stop coming to the workplace unannounced and without informing their employers. Well, I've seen employers change their mood towards their leaving staffs in a negative way simply because the staff had announced he was leaving and this vouk be a reason why many people just leave quit without a notice. As much as it might feel very convenient, it's not the right thing to do. Give your employers a good last impression about you and help to try to get someone else to feel the position. Although you're not obliged to follow up the process, but it's the right thing to do.

I hope this article helps you in your journey through life and all that comes with it. Please feel free to share your suggestions and ask me questions. Thank you for reading.


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