TypeEarn - The Extensive DApp Review

TypeEarn is a decentralized platform that helps you in developing your typing skill in a way that makes it a complete fun and rewards you with its native currency, TPC. You type, have fun and earn!

Right from time, our world is built around centralized bodies. We cab just call it the way of life. There was a need for an authoritative body to act as the governance medium for the population. That helped us keep things in order. Everything we do, the private and social lives we live are controlled by centralized bodies. While these centralized systems rip us of our precious time (by selling the data we accumulate on social networks to some individuals without our consent), there is no doubt, they have been phenomenal.

Now things have changed. Centralized systems have been exposed by the innovation of the century, the blokchain technology. This next-generation technological advancement has giving birth to a new concept; the world of decentralisation. This concept is being leveraged upon by enterprises that were previously built on centralized networks. Today we have decentralized projects in finance, health, luxury market, entertainment and every other sector. Take it or leave it, the world is coming on chain.

Blockchain, The Innovation For The Mass

There are thousands of projects built on blockchain technology today. Each with its unique purpose and vision. Unlike on centralized systems, these projects are backed by the leading use-case of blockchain, cryptocurrency. This facilitates the owners in fundraising and economy building around the projects.

However, the users have the lionshare of these benefits brought about by this innovation. While owners get to create an economy for their projects, the members of the ecosystems get to mine tokenized assets that are tradable to fiat currencies. In a nutshell, while doing what we have been accustomed to, we get to earn and protect our privacy. Brace yourself as I introduce to you, another unique project on the chain.

Type, Earn!

How inexplicably beautiful that sounds! We type every now and then on computers and mobile devices. Is that really a big deal? Well, TypeEarn brought a big deal where there was no deal to begin with.

Now your free time can be monetized. By doing what exactly? Having fun!

TypeEarn is a decentralized application built on Steem blockchain by a veteran cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, @tykee. With this DApp, you earn free cryptocurrency in TPC, a utility token of the platform. As you play around your keyboard, perfecting your typing skills, you get rewarded.

I have used hundreds of decentralized applications in the last few years. Whenever I come across the exceptional ones, I find it hard to stop myself from writing a review on them. Despite being in its infancy, I can say with all certainty that TypeEarn is one of the DApps with tangible purpose and clear, well-defined visions.

However, this is not a tutorial post. @rosatravels already wrote a well-detailed tutorial post on TypeEarn and it is very exceptional.

The Skill Is Needed Everywhere

We are in the computer age, little needs to be said about that. I doubt there is any job out there that does not require computer skills. While some of them need you to be familiar with some special application programs, many of them at least require that you can use the computer keyboard perfectly, skillfully.

Time is money they say. The faster you can get a job done, the more of it you get done within a limited timeframe. TypeEarn.com helps you in becoming an expert typist who can get several pages typed in a few minutes. As you develop this skill, you monetize your time spent on it. I wonder how anyone would not see this as a complete win for the users.

Why You Should Invest In The TPC

TPC or Type Coin is a TypeEarn token created for the users and the platform. It is a Steem-built token hosted on Steem-engine. TPC provides users with various incentives and is used in upvoting and performing other activities on the platform.

Explained below are some of the reasons why you should invest in TPC as a user of this DApp or as a cryptocurrency investor

  • Tangible use-cases

    The survival of any cryptocurrency is hugely dependent on its use-case. Many coins end up dying due to the lack of a tangible purpose in the cryptocurrency space. All major cryptocurrencies are able to make it to the top due to their usage in the market, as payment options and around various distinct projects. TPC is the fuel powering the TypeEarn ecosystem. To engage with the platform and start mining, users are required to hold some amounts of this token.

Some of the uses of TPC on TypeEarn include

Earn TPP: TPP or Type Power is a non-trasferable utility token of TypeEarn. It determines your influence in the network and with it, you can upvote other users posts with TPP and as well, convert it back to TPC. TPP allows you to mine more TPC as you interact more with the platform..

Mine more tokens: in order to start receiving your incentives as a user, you are are required to have at least 20 TCP in your wallet. Having this token gives you the ability to mine more of it. Mining is done with your Type power.

  • Tradable on Steem-engine

    TPC is a Steem-engine token and can be used to trade for other Steem-engine tokens or Seem blockchain's primary crypto coin, STEEM. Literally, it can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiats.

  • TPC value rises in time

    That the whole platform is built around this token means without it, the ecosystem cannot survive. As more people adopt this DApp, the demand for TPC will only increase. Just as the 'law of supply and demand' implies, the value of this commodity will keep on increasing as its demand heads up.

  • It is always good to be among the early adoptors

    Bitcoin rose from nothing to more than just anything in less than a decade. Binance Coin (BNB) went from being priced less than a dollar to almost $40 in less than a year. How about the STEEM coin? Remember it went on from being less than $1 to be sold at $10 and beyond. The list goes on and on but the point here is the early adoptors of these coins live up to reap the most of the rewards. They become the whales and build their own authorities in the ecosystem. That is not all. When the coins eventually boom, they make millions of dollars, claiming huge amount of profits.

How about we talk about some of the features of this outstanding DApp.

Distinct Features of this DApp

  • Acquire a skill

    TypeEarn.com helps you in acquiring skills in content writing, document and project presentation, copywriting, translations and many others. We are talking about skills that bring in good amount of income for young people, students and the unemployed. You can never have too much of a skill. Whether you are already doing well in a different field that does not require this skill, acquiring it would only upgrade your resume.

  • Develop your typing skill

    Are you a student or already a veteran employee? Do you have what it takes to type a thousand words article in a few minutes? Regardless of your present typing skills, there is always a room for improvement. TypeEarn helps you track your progress as you play around it.

  • Earn

    As if the fun is not enough, TypeEarn rewards you with its native token that can be traded for fiat. All you need is change it to STEEM using Steem-engine market. As well, there are individuals that can buy your tokens from you and transfer fiat into your bank account or trade with other cryptocurrency.

Departing Thought

Without a doubt, TypeEarn.com explored out a unique project onto the blockchain. The team behind this project is doing outstanding job and deserves being commended. TypeEarn KS still in its infancy and will only improve overtime. Develop a typing skill, have fun and earn!

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This is a well done post. Thanks for the promotion.

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The project deserves more. Hopefully more people get to learn about it real soon

13.10.2019 15:54

Weldone brother... I appreciate you especially for getting back to steem

14.10.2019 07:29

I have 20 TPC tokens that purchase from Steem-Engine. Why it always show me the below information when I start typing?

16.10.2019 11:29

Hello, I suggest that you join https://discord.gg/wyGpXV typearn discord to report the issue in #report-bugs-here channel.

16.10.2019 14:19