Introduction to DCooperation community (Technicalside)


Hi there steemians my real name is Devon Steynberg. I am from South Africa. I was born and raised in the central part of the country in a town called Bloemfontein in the Free State. the Free State is mainly a farming area as is most of South Africa

With this introduction i am hoping to reach out to fellow South Africans to encourage them to also join the steemit community. but not only join to actually invest into it by buying some steem power and for those who are not able to fear not as there are alot of curators upvotng good content and in that way you can buid up your own steempower by creating great and valuable content.

I dont actually farm. I mostly do my own thing like restoring old antique furniture or just anything that needs restoring, i also have a passion for motor vehicles but mostly Subaru. I shall be a Subaru fanatic till the day I lay may head down.
Here is a few pictures of a Subaru Forester 2.5xt we fixed up


we needed to replace the gearbox but we didnt want any hassels along the way so we decided to remove the whole engine.. hehe it was a fun day


This is a EJ25 turbo model 2.5liters
But my all time favourite Subaru engine will be the EJ20 turbo 2.0 liters

Here is the end result for our project


Thank you @dcooperation and @clixmoney for making steemit great again.

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06.12.2019 18:25

I must admit that I am so inlove😍 that wagon is so beautiful😱 what year is that?

I am so convinced now.. You are true flat earthers


I wish I didn't delegate most of my steem power out so that I could give that comment of yours a better upvote😢..

Mad respect

06.12.2019 19:27

Ha! No worries about votes! I would have to ask about the year. I don't remember!

06.12.2019 20:31

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06.12.2019 19:24

Welcome, welcome to the great blockchain Steem!

06.12.2019 19:58

Thank you very much

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11.12.2019 05:38

Hi @cryptokannon Thnx alot I did not know. Should I post my article in the discord app or just tag him in the comments section or in the post?

11.12.2019 06:19

You're welcome to our community. Thanks a lot for creating the introduction. ☺

11.12.2019 06:40

Hehe no problem you probably thought I was never going to😂😊

11.12.2019 06:43

I would not start here using bid bots.

11.12.2019 10:48

You don't say.

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