5th Guild added to Team Possible!

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We have added another guild for our members to play!

It's run by @simplymike and called Team Possible Power

We now have 5 guilds for anyone to participate in:

Team Possible (Highest Level - 1500 DEC wk)
Team Possible Diamond (Diamond/Gold Level - 500 DEC wk)
Team Possible Power (Silver/Gold Level - 250 DEC wk)
Team Possible Troops (Silver/Gold Level - 100 DEC wk)
Team Possible Lobby (ANY Level - 0 DEC wk)

You can join/move into the guild that suits you the best. The goal is to find the right home for all of our members. So if you would like to join the guild system, go ahead and REQUEST TO JOIN the new guild that is set up and if you ever want to move up or down, just let your Team Captain know!

Awesome job @simplymike, thanks for taking on a new team!!!

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Comments 6

Does this mean we get to plead the 5th?

22.08.2019 02:48

of course I can't answer that under the grounds that I might incriminate myself

22.08.2019 02:56

I sent request with one of the alts.. and mieke can booted it when another human player needs place

22.08.2019 07:25

Thanks, @davemccoy.
I hope we can fill it up soon.

22.08.2019 08:18