My Initiation into True Turkish Meatballs "Köfte"...

Ep4. I went to Istanbul, Turkey, to learn the mysteries of Turkish Meatballs aka Köfte. In short : Mind, blown. Get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium: (limited to first 500)

We made another video with Refika while I was in Istanbul. Check it out here :

This episode is part of the Perfect Meatball Series. Other episodes :
- Ep1 : Can I make the Perfect Meatball ?

- Ep2 : The juiciest Italian Meatballs I have ever made !

- Ep3 : The Secret I Did Not Expect About Swedish Meatballs...

- Ep4 : My Initiation to True Turkish Meatballs...

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Director, Author, Host & Camera : Alex
Editor : Joshua Mark Sadler

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