these months ahead are diversification and grind time to reap rewards of the three months of nov, dec and jan 2020

Good morning!

Hope you are doing well out there in internet connected land! So I’ve been refreshing all my fiverr and upwork gigs and profiles and working on additional content and layouts, gigs and profile changes to enhance my offering and to also reach out to many job requests that I get through both of these platforms.

I’ve also discovered something interesting about upwork, if I have courses or gigs that are relevant to what someone is looking to hire for then it’s a good idea to blast them a link, not only did I get a $10 referral bonus but they watched the whole course and earned me over 200 minutes of premier minutes, it’s a new angle that I’m starting to explore and realising that sometimes people just wanna get the information in a timely manner in the right place.

Not all clients are creative and activated like that of course! Some like to boss you around, go into micro detail and such like but that’s part and parcel of being a virtual freelancer you work out the projects you enjoy and like to work on and the ones that give you red flags straight away.

the next three months. ..

. … are kinda crucial ones for freelancers as they set you up for the end and start of a year — November is an incredibly busy time for brands as they ramp up their marketing efforts on facebook/instagram to sell you stuff so they are looking for brand new ads that don’t exist already on the marketplace that convert well and attract people in.

I’ve been learning so much about facebook ads in the last twenty fours about CME it’s been making my head spin but it’s really targeted, granular and will be helpful when Dayle launches her shopify store for her products (excite!)

September was a grafting month and so is October, head down and get that portfolio refreshed and reach back out to existing clients and see what projects they have coming down the wire — they might not have a confirmed yes on them yet but it allows you to break up the energy of what you are going to be working on, allowing you to mentally switch from personal content making to focused on stacking hours for the client.

the key for me is diversification!

It’s something I’ve been doing ever since going to steemfest 2. I realised very quickly when the price of steem went down from the $4-7 dollar highs and 14 SBD days that volatility in virtual working is everywhere. Originally I just enjoyed the fact that I could send digital value in three seconds with no charge, that was a big game changer to use this blockchain over others — especially when we had those massive bitcoin fees just to move a few hundred bucks, remember that?

So for me it’s see what’s relevant in the market place today and follow that — I’ve been looking to find and work with companies that need someone who does video, adverts, basic animation (quickly) and to slide into those gaps, which leads me onto industries. .. I knew I’d get their eventually. ..

digital online industries need a support team!

If big streamers are anything to go by the size of their virtual communities is massive, they have expectations of their team to be constantly making their content stand out from the rest — fiverr have noticed this and started to build in support for ‘industries’ on the platform — right now they are supporting dropshipping and esports.

they recognise that a lot of people are building e-commerce stores (mainly shopify) and making a lot of revenue from flipping products from aliexpress and other places (I’m talking millions here) people are literally putting the middleman back into mini effective distribution systems that they control.

And that’s where the diversification comes in again because that machine needs plenty of oil on a daily basis — and by oil I mean your digital assets! — from dropshipping images, video ads, samples, podcasts, voiceovers, content copy to all kinds of social media outreach across a number of platforms these industries are now popping up from the comfort of your armchair with an army of workers overseas packing your order and sending it direct to your customer.

and e-sports is set to blow in 2020.

With the rapid change from organisations/clans and brands to ‘per city’ funded teams playing for your city we are going to start to see a new kind of vertical for tourism take place and the money men move into these arenas — personally, I think it’s gonna kill the current ‘scene’ that’s been build for the last twenty something years and drive it back to it’s roots and kinda underground again.

there is a way to make massive money in e-sports and it’s not by destroying the culture that got it there in the first place, time will tell and I’m sure this will all be discussed across many YouTube and Twitch streams to come! :)

But just like e-commerce/shopify streamers need assets too to stand out and build the audience, the amazon prime subscription model totally blew the doors off for twitch and I think made mixer like perk up and take noticed to allow a few more million to be dropped on the service, grabbing ninja in the bargain (I’m sure he was not a bargain btw!)

But yeah, if your a gamer, you can sell your services as a remote trainer now, you can build assets, layout, scenes, graphics, voiceovers — their is a whole industry section now for this rapidly expanding area. With some of the big players that are in the world of sports in general there is no doubt in my mind that e-sports will make it to the Olympic Games in the years to come and you will start to see eyeballs and audience rapidly jump in.

When they do, you can be there to support those industries.
Diversify Wisely Daniel Son!

__humble x

pinterest epic wins pinboard → advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?

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Ohhh yeah, these morning routines, I love it. We actually have every morning the first 30min just for us, while the kids still sleep. Fresh coffee, sofa and we watching this salvage hunter from Wales, Drew Pritchard and Tee, driving around UK buy old things. Hahaha I don't know what it is, but we love this routine.
Btw, I love these tune at the end of your vids, soooo relaxing. You have a wonderful weekend.
Greetings from Barcelona

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thank you. yeah i asked for permission to use it because i love it. i made that whole thing in keynote believe it or not, i was trying to push what it could do to make a parallex scroller ;)

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