write like nobody is reading.

I mean most of the time, that’s mostly true anyway and I’m super comfortable with that so this is not a massive departure away from that place anyway but I just wanted to frame it with a nice title. We all know the ‘dance like nobody is watching’ line, that wonderful statement to unlock our very life essence and not to over evaluate ourselves in the process — to be open, to be free, to be unbridled with passion and jerky janky motions only you could have uniquely done in that moment.

Blogging is the same for me but I need to get into that frame of mind to unlock it, the more pandemic we get the more I feel it easy to be at peace of mind as the calibration of the world happens to realistic and reality setting moments in peoples mind as the lightbulbs of unpreparedness start to trickle in — all the things you never did, all the comfort making tweaking you were doing to your own bubble and journey pushed aside for a wide, spreading, force of nature.

Photo by Sarah Louise Kinsella on Unsplash

For me it’s all linked together, climate, money, governments, lives liven on a credit that never get’s repaid. People fucking over other people for what they believe they deserve. Delusional Illusionists with their slight of hand, loose of tongue stylings. Being at peace with where and who you are comes together I’m finding. I took a few days mentally out this week to see that as the cacophony of white noise and headless chicken show begun.

Did I ever tell you that once I sat in a completely dark/black missile base that used to have a minuteman III missle sat in it ready to ‘protect & serve’ at a moments notice. It was a heck of an memory that will never ever vanish from my brain — I remember how remote and barren this place was, a dirt track down to a gated fence, torched door and full of sand with control panels looking utilitarian and functional.

I remember reading up on it afterwards and finding out that the whole place was sat like a tall spring and could withstand the direct hit — I’m not really sure in reality how much that would be true in real life but it certainly set a precedent in terms of being face to face with the ultimate end of life machine crafted by human hands in the name of ‘defence’

Things change you in life like that, it recalibrate you different, re-wires the way you look at life when you experience the potential outcomes first hand. I have no doubt in my mind that this coronavirus will do the same for many. Sure we will have lots of fear, maybe lots of panic, maybe lots of people already prepared and hunkered down — maybe the peppers are already playing card games and starting on the first wave of whisky.

The internet is serving 30% more traffic now that people are at home, Italy is up already 10% and the times for when people go online are changing rapidly too, we are going to start to see slowdowns, sites down, more attacks, more malware, it might get difficult to even get any comms at times too. You should consider that and try and map what your analog life looks like as well while this life simulator with you as the star player plays out.

I wish you great success.

__humble x

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Write in shortter paragraphs and sentences, and more people will read.

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