Updated SteemGlider v1.1 🚀

Yep, already, can be speedy when I want to be. I’ve added the awesome list that I saw @pennsif make and I’m now working on adding all the links from the @robertyan list as well — I had been working on making a directory for well over a week so this was perfect timing.

steemglider.app if you have not installed it yet, I’m busy to add as many features as I can so bear with me! :

I’m working on making the layout a bit better as well so that you can suggest and upload your own steem urls, of course each one will get vetted before it’s allowed for quality but should be straight forward. I don’t mind so far that I’ve been putting them in manual so far ;)

About 115 links in the app so far, I just pushed in alternative living groups, steam-engine tribes and some financial/investment services as well, I’ve yet to add in Roberts list but it really does not take that long to update, then I can actually start working on the features — I really want to expand on the related items and the social features and the ability for people to add their details including uploading images and putting in their social links.

Once i've got this app relatively up to date i'll do a second pass of the images, optimizing and compressing and then start to make a list of the audio/video elements that i need for each url -- if i can find an audio piece or video on youtube i'll add that in. I'll open up the ability for people to make their own listing at some point i just need to make sure that i can verify each one before i do that.

what is looks like when installed as an app!

So one of the things I love about how the app installs on iOS/android (once you add to your home screen) is that it acts like a native application, they are promising that they are bringing some notification features so that’s gonna be really useful for updating when events start or when for instance a livestream goes on msp-waves or things like that — I’ll certainly use for @steemcasting eventually when I have the equipment setup (probably 2020 now)

this is really helping me learn so i can work on the other two apps, the second one for food is pretty much done but we just need to check the instructions and the ingridents lists and i'll put that up, that's gonna have to go on the free tier however as i can't afford to pay for a year each on the three apps that i've got planned! :)

Hope you like it!

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added in section 'all about steem' this evening as well will some fast links to assets for people to develop quickly too.

17.10.2019 20:18

this looks pretty nice. feel free to let me know if anything else we can help with :)

18.10.2019 04:38

Thanks for the offer! It’s fairly easy to update and I like the admin of it, easy to add data, audio, video and updates, more a personal project for users — if we want the masses here not everyone is a developer. But still want to help promote. although I did put a lot of your links in the menu too.

I used a #nocode tool because it got the job done and was fast to roll out and maintain (plus waited two years to see one happen!) maybe I’ll start learning from these dev links!


Cheers for taking a look!

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18.10.2019 04:45