time to switch your behaviours like you are the last people on earth, you know, just in case you are.

I’ve been washing my hands like a religion many times a day, catching myself wanting to touch my face and stopping myself, one day that’s gonna slip I’m sure.

I’ve cut down the portion sizes of things that I make in my instant pot, I make half the amount and I eat what I have in that sitting, no putting left overs in the fridge.

I wonder if game makers are going to bring out bio protected keyboards and mouses next with a layer of film to kill bacteria and viruses? Does anyone have a membrane already for that?

I clean my hands when I use any food or work surfaces even when washing my day to day pots. The sky seems clearer, nature is freaking out but thankful, I half expect the dinosaurs to come back because it’s getting more habitable.

We seem to have fallen into the angry phase now of the five phases of grief with dealing with this coronavirus. I’m seeing videos and text changing rapidly from the initial denial of events to anger with people that they never got bought more time.

The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost

I expect in a few more weeks for those people not prepared at all for this and were already living day by day that rapidly we will be pushed into bargaining for our potential future.

Some might have already got to the stage of depression and acceptance all together and are busy destroying their collection of beverages in their custom built shed in the garden pretending that it’s gonna blow over with full British Blitz sentiment attached.

Personally, I’m just living out the day to day like it’s the last day, like I’m one of a pocket of humans out there across the world, waiting for things to dwindle or fall away.

I’m sure when the internet connection goes all these downloaded ebooks will be useful — thankful for big ass portable solar panel to at least keep a light on, charge the tablet, keep the internet going.

Of course I’m not in the clear by any means, I’m limited on long terms foods and short term daily resources but we chug on, after all, we are buying ourselves time.

I’ve felt at times like the simulation of the worst possible outcome you’ve always run in your head is often the projected outcome of what you should expect and the lines between reality and depression run deep, it’s healthy to understand those collective bed fellows and switch them off asap.

Now that breakfast is tightly packed away the world rushes back in, internet tabs a blazing, reality that I can tidy up and clean around here to find things misplaced previously and to make some room, clean like never before.

My other (better) half just woke up and so we begin our transatlantic connection together for the rest of the day. I’m excited to see how the vinegar making is going, it’s probably gonna be a month.

Keep Busy.

__humble x

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