the truth is, I’d rather have an algorithm as a boss than a human, just $160 from level two.

I’ve been a fiverr seller for over nine years.

I had quite a lot of success in the first few years when I had my own office and studio space and then it got overwhelming, my machine was getting slower (I had the old Mac Pro) and even thou I was turning up each and everyday and doing my best to deliver the videos I just couldn’t keep up.

I ended up closing the service down and moving onto something else which actually worked out pretty good doing events ‘ontheground’ for audience engagement teams around europe. It got me to a lot of cool places including rome and iceland and other places in-between.

It all felt like a bit of a dream really, maybe I was living in a dream state while doing it, I don’t know really but it feels like a million years ago now in some distant memory, my fiverr account however is still active and I’ve added some new gigs to it, I’ll be adding more today as well.

Anyway, the point is that the future of digital, virtual working with always have some kind of algorithmic boss at the other end — and I’m totally here for it because at least with the AI boss you get DATA, how good you are doing, where you need to step it up and where to improve.

Not just a talking down in a shitty pre-fab office about how you need to change your physical appearance and ‘behaviour’ to be at one with the master races of the rest of the sheep. Bahhhh bullshit.

Nah, remote working is where it’s at and it’s only gonna get better, more competitive and more efficient, maybe to the point that it removes us from the equation all together! That’s why we need to also be stacking crypto in these connected side chain economies so that we can win when we don’t work, when we sleep we have stake in the people that are.

it’s a win win situation, it’s like basic income experiment but it’s global and it’s happening now, people are already living out this life.

Fiverr while not crypto is certainly one of those revenue destinations for me and it would be easy for them to start giving out tokens for people who are good, fast workers and maintain a good reputation on the system — for them to cross over and build out a token would be so easy.

What I especially love about fiverr is that they are starting to support industries too so not only can you do work, you can have a kitty of money to spend on other people in the ecosystem to get new things you need when you can’t spend time yourself making them, that’s pretty sweet.

don’t forget to grab over a hundred steemians already use it and don’t forget to hit the + button and add a social profile.

It’s something that I wish was more prevalent on steem tbh, keeping the value in the economy here, paying in steem, like you can for my digital assets I make inside of the it’s a new gig I’m putting up actually once I’ve got the third application half way through is a service to start building them for other people on fiverr.

Anyway, just wanted to give you the 411 on fiverr that it’s still a great platform and that now has PRO accounts so you can charge more than the initial $5 that was on the platform PLUS you can build out teams with the STUDIO option once you’ve levelled up enough.

For christmas this year if you want to support me into 2020 buying any of my fiverr service so I can get closer to that $160 goal would be amazing so if you need any graphics, banners, video effects, obs or streaming help I’m your man and I’d love to work for you if our ethics match.

It’s only £123 or something, surely I can pull in this kind of work in the next month to get me to the next level up and get noticed more in the busiest part of the year, let me know what you need doing. I’d love to assist you realise your dreams while I’m working on my own.

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