The New Routine is Working.

Great success! ;)

I have good news, the new routine is working and it’s “sticking” for once, powered by twin banana action, coffee, water and two chunks of exercise per day I’m more active, awake, alert and focused than before. It’s really paying off and I’m here for it.

I’ve really started to dial in my time better than before, investing in that morning energy buzz of getting outta bed doing all the early morning life admin chores and getting into exercise so I can feel the movement and tune into what my body is asking of me, I feel stronger on the daily.

I’m not exactly sure what changed and why this is sticking but maybe it’s determination for embracing the change, I want it bad, the changes to happen, they don’t just magically happen, you have to match your brains intention vs your heart vs your actual ability and output, you have to get them to sync properly and previously it was a dodgy to balance as iCloud.

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

Things that I have changed that are working is twin bananas a day, make sure I’m measuring my water intake, I have 4x that from before, I was literally dry as a bone inside, my brain not able to function in a vapid chamber of dust, it can only flex so much.

Time, tracking your time, what you are actually working on and towards, is it of value or is it just treading water, are you trying to satisfy an itch or actually creating action in your own life. I realise that a lot of the intention was locked away in the brain and it was the exercise and the routine that was the key. I’m not doing exercise for fitness, I’m doing it for clarity.

The clarity is enabling me to put intention outside of the box and let it run free while I’m incredibly focused and not concerned about the grey parts of life, instead they are being replaced with colour and rainbows of excitement for the next level up.

breaking it down into chunks

You don’t have to do what you think you can’t do. You can however do what you know you can manage. Plus, over time with hacking you own brain chemistry you’ll find that those illusions ya brain painted for you get replaced with time-travel — yep, that’s right, time travel.

Today I switched from tracking one metric to another and it worked out better for me, don’t follow what the data says, get the outcome out of the data you are presented with, do a little bit more, faster, I’m using exercise as an additional component to my day to remove the lull periods or to get up to speed faster.

I crushed my active minutes today and I time travelled the second part of my first block of exercise. I’ve got more to come today but I’m not concerned about it because I know I’ll have crushed a segment of work in between.

Not only am I preparing myself for the work I do today but I’m preparing myself for the work I’ll do early next year, getting my body and mind up to tempo so they are both sharp and in sync, not accepting defeat mentally is half the battle I think — even thou my sleep sucked, I’m here, fighting through the haze.

Alright Tuesday, let’s get it, plenty to be done again today! We got things to build out!

Peace and Love

__humble x

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