Spent the last week making a 4:3 OBS theme layout for social video steem dapp making, available on gumroad for $39 or 275 steem (that’s $5 off the price if you pay with steem!)

quicklink | OBS Social Pack

I’ve spent the last two days making a 1000 x 1000 square (4:3) obs layout that people can use to make videos for promotion or discussion (or updating about new features) for the steem blockchain.

I’ve downloaded, optimised and cut out images and logos and made a ready to go download pack so that you can import it into your obs (obsproject.org is free btw) streaming software — this pack is meant to be used offline to make video recordings which you can then upload to twitter or instagram in native 4:3 format at 60 fps. It’s pretty sweet.

This pack is more for offline recording of video assets for then publishing on social channels — you could put them on twitter, instagram, appics places like that, I might do a 16:9 version of it at some point but for now I focused on making this pack 4:3.

three simple scenes to start with — easy as 1, 2. .. 3!

And intro, the main recording, links and info page, url display and the outro, all hotkeys so you can just setup each layer for which dapp you want to record about and then simply step through each scene while recording, for rapid updating and fast media making this pack will enable you to quickly create social media update videos for the steem blockchain.

In this version we support steemglider, steem, dtube, steemhunt, reviewhunt, vimm and steemmonsters but more dapps will come over time.

The obs pack is broken down into a simple structure that uses scenes as sources — it’s a way of quickly building up a scene and any chances you do to the source is reflected in the linked source structure, sounds complicated but it’s actually easy once you get going.

I’ve recorded a set of tutorial videos that are also in the pack as well and I’ve put the introduction video on YouTube as I’ll be putting the video into the digital steem store in the steemglider.app

I’ve broken down the obs theme scene by scene so you can see how it all operates and works together — the basic premise is that you turn on and off scenes in each of the five groups before you record and then you have that dapp video layout ready to go, this means after recording you can quickly change to another dapp and record another video quickly.

I created some simple dapp animations for the start of the videos but you could replace these with your own, on the outro I simply list my social locations and I included the keynote file for you to change these based on the colours of the dapps

I should mention I’ve also (where available) used the system guide colours for each site so you’ll find an asset section with {dapp-name}-palette and colours in the ‘assets’ section, you should never need to touch these but I put them there so you can at a glance see what the colours are if you are making your own assets.

you can buy this pack from either inside the steemglider.app under ‘steem digital store’ — will have a collection of $ purchases in there, eventually we want to accept steem payment too.

In this v1 pack

  • works with obsproject, totally free to download (mac, pc, linux)
  • covering steemglider, steem, dtube, steemhunt, reviewhunt, vimm, steemmonsters
  • hotkey support for keys 1 to 3 (press to step through)
  • overlays top/bottom bars in dapp colours
  • dapp logos and colour palettes on own scenes
  • quickly update titles and subtitles for linked txt files.
  • animated intros and outros for dapps
  • stinger transitions for dapps
  • qr codes referral link (my referrals, you could put your own)
  • ttf fonts that we used within the theme for titles
  • 4 x royalty free music tracks for use as low background music
  • static and animated backgrounds for 4:3 (could be used for 16:9)
  • mp4/mov intro videos converted to smaller .webm
  • bonus tutorial videos covering everything
  • bonus flat icons for social services
  • bonus VST freeware EQ audio adding for Mac

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