Mid Week Meerkats are Changing.

. ...and for the better, no longer are they just to look and reflect on the past week and the week ahead. they are a financial double tap on the wallet to see how well we are progressing in the week, i think once the physical production side kicks in, on the side delivery parts and residuals ramp up that will be easier to keep an eye on, both myself and dayle have a renewed sense of purpose recently and are both working hard.

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

It’s gonna be refreshing to quickly turn things around in a month rather than wait till ‘the end of the month’ to resolve things — it opens up SO MUCH TIME, instead of being concerned about squeezing things into the end of the month i can effectively (if i want to take a few weeks learning a completely new piece of software and record course around it i can)

It’s interesting how we end up locked into that survival mindset to the point that we accept less of ourselves and don’t push because we don’t believe things to be changing — we could say the same about steem for the last year but I’m seeing great things happening with the steem dao.

I’d love to see that bring in outside business to the chain, i do feel it’s going to be mostly specific for the chain thou which i think is a missed opportunity to bring in outside money. It does seem to be this collective of cult of steem rather than wanting to be bigger of what the chain offers currently.

I’m trying to optimise my home life at the moment too, if I buy something i throw something out, once we have a new transportation setup I’m definitely gonna offer that as a service to people as well, i know i can undercut pretty much everyone on that and it will get me out and about and fit in the process! Always be trying to optimise i say!

Talking about optimising I’ve been learning some new skills ‘on the job’ this week and I’m quite proud of myself — of course the main driver is money/time but it’s great to learn something that i can apply elsewhere and even document as a course part.

If i was to pop up my meerkat head from the den this week I’d say this week is going amazing, it’s already saved me two weeks of mental anxiety. It’s like a big weight get’s lifted when you can just focus up and crush it — i think @dayleeo has been my biggest inspiration in recent weeks, that girl crushes jobs that are put in front of her, she’s a machine!

It’s been incredible to watch her work improve over the last few years and it’s at that grade now where i think she can easily be bringing in the big $$$ for the ROI she’s managed to create for her clients — top 1% in her class online, pretty sick for a few years of hard work, the future is virtual, distributed and in-time.

.. ..and I’m excited for the iPhone 11 Pro (i watched the keynote last night) and that’s probably the main daily driver (well with a drone too right because you gotta have those silky shots!) for content production in 2020.

It was such a power move for hasselblad to get onboard for the DJI pro drones as camera provider — I’ve been watching a number of successful YouTubers get them and the quality looks incredible, it really does lift a video — I’ve got a few ideas of my own to add to that whole thing (repurpose that video for sale + location indexing/search)

Alright, back to the job! — having a good old film date night tonight and i want to make sure the calendar is completely clear for this evening’s festivities! :)

Have a fucking awesome meerkat wednesday!

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They are so cute though!

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11.09.2019 16:00

i freaking love meerkats TBH! :)

11.09.2019 16:14