Meerkat Wednesday Reflections — Cross Platform Writing, Apps and Video, Oh My!

Good morning it’s just hit 9:00am exactly when i checked my watch and i wanted to start writing about thirty minutes ago, long story short I’ve jumped across to the ipad to write so i don’t lose that momentum — it’s one of the great wonders of the world that we have the ability to work across platforms, working in one virtual space and picking up in another. Freaking love it!

It’s been a busy work on my own personal projects, client work a little client but that’s normally when i have to mentally flex into building up the other areas, courses are going well and it’s the middle of the month so it’s not only a meerkat wednesday reflection but smack bang in the middle of the month as well — always a lot to think about.

Photo by Dušan Smetana on Unsplash

I’ve got these BaaS (blockchain as a service) things going around in my head at the moment. What with steemhunt doing something similar and ethereum based platforms providing scaling of ‘that side of things’ that makes for an interesting value proposition, especially when you look at something like steem-engine and steemit with their ‘smart media tokens’ that have been delayed so long — comparing the price of steem at $0.13 and position 84 in the chart AND YET ethereum at $180 and second place in the coinmarketcap chart… .

.. .. we got a long road to climb there, maybe a case that regardless of having the bigger community, best tech, most interesting and long lasting legacy of a chain the truth is chances are it will never just be this niche blockchain penpal, card game, faucet draining swamp like bog where blockchain tales and folklore speaks off in immutable echos. …

Who knows really, I mean at the end of the day, for me, it’s still a place I can write out a blog post, not worry about hosting, no that it’s accessible from lots of different frontends, accessible by command line if I so wished and it’s remixable, I can play with my posted content on the chain as I see fit, that’s pretty damn cool.

The notion of your own token for you and your time really appeals to me thou, that’s one of the reasons I quickly registered VLOG in the early days of steem engine but I’ve not really used it since. Guess it was just like steem monsters and other things on the steem blockchain, I lost interest after a while, it’s incredible to find so many different types of geeks and nerds here but not the ones that you can get hype behind — so glad I found a dapp that I could commit too and enjoy every single day.

Depending on how the day goes I should be releasing something pretty cool today, I need to make a little animated banner about it actually, I better get on that next actually and finish this up.

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are in the world, that you are warm, safe with a roof over your head and have time to give the ones you love a big hug of gratitude, enjoy your life, every single day!

Love and Hugs!
__humble x

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