Investments for people interested in crypto projects is starting to really mature quickly.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of sites recently that really make it easy for people interesting in crypto currency projects way past just hoping that the price of bitcoin is gonna jump and your gonna make some profits.

If you have been on this scene for a while now you’ll realise that just sitting on crypto balances is quite boring, it does nothing and you just end up looking at your balances on a daily basis, watching candles going green or red and well, that’s it — it’s all very, well boring tbh.

Step forward then lots of cool services where you can hold/hodl your balances and earn a percentage on them more than any bank could ever offer you and not only that projects that you can invest in that might already use or are considering using in the years to come.

One of those services that i love that I’ve been watching a while now via nycmesh is the Althea project — i absolutely love what those guys re doing and have over 300+ points in the NYC region already with a few splintered off projects around the country.

Recently they started doing an airdrop on the website, a new site that i’ve discovered that helps people who have crypto currency invest in projects a little like the way that kickstarter works — the airdrop is so that you can own some of their token in the fact that it might be worth something in the future but mainly as a incentive to help with marketing and promotion of the project — airdrops work really well for that.

I also saw some great stuff happening over on a site called gitcoin grants ( as far as i can tell people invest in you as a DAO (which I’m still learning about) but i think for media makers, community builders and open source project makers this could be a great way to offset/subsidise funds for your time evolving a project or space — for instance i saw people donating to a podcast this morning about crypto, winning!

If you are looking to get into decentralized platforms this year and you are overwhelmed with all the things happening in the crypto scenes this might be a better way of going about things especially if you come from a crowdfunding background perspective, like backing kickstarters and things like that.

It certainly makes more sense to purchase crypto if you know you are going to USE it, make the VALUE work for something you enjoy — especially if you can flip it to make a little bit of income from inflation on the side as well or INVEST in projects you know you will use at some point.

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