What’s your super power gonna be in the upcoming t-virus landfill of biometric vanity and promise?

Good morning.

Well, it’s a good morning now, terrible night, really bad, not sure why or even what happened but it’s one of those nights when you evaluate everything and realise how many things you are so behind on — i guess i should have seen the signs, it was meerkat wednesday and I’ve had a few signs of clarity this January.

So apart from needing an electric car, iPad Pro and a boat and the realisation of the upkeep of said items i started to look around at what i can change, what’s local, what’s around me, what bits need to happen first and to have a much better way of ‘maintaining’ those things — treat it like backups almost, enterprise class, three places to have it all locked in.

> smarturl.it/tvirus (just to keep an eye on this badboy)

After throwing out the trash and recharging my water unit this morning i realised that while emotional intelligence is going to be a needed attribute in 2022 and beyond, it’s not the complete picture — emotional intelligence and my relationship with the ever changing climate around me is not gonna get you far — it might get you in a country or buy you time but it’s not gonna keep you alive riding on the coat tails as a superpower.

No no, more must be done dear friends.

Photo by Mitchell Bryson on Unsplash

Like, when you really start to drill down and realise how much more work you need to do to secure your own life it’s actually when you really start to uncover both your strengths and weaknesses and start to adapt — glass containers over plastic for instance, a classic storage solution that adds weight but stops nibbling mouses still your shit, get a cat maybe too for extra visual delight.

No but in all seriousness the worlds a bit of a cluster fuck right now, I mean it is most days but at the moment it seems especially squishy, tomorrow England is officially brexitting, china has closed it doors in and out, coronavirus is going parabolic and well, it’s all a bit of a slimy shitty suit fuck show out there.

It’s all very well being the most highly stacked sats truck in the world but if you can’t get anywhere and you’ve not build up supplies of both food supplies and power generation your not really gonna be able to do much with it — hoping that ‘Gary’ from your favourite ISP doesn’t get eaten on the way to work by a face hugger is not a backup strategy.

But I get it, your only one man/woman — you simply cannot do it all, you at least need to duo up, have each others back, take archery lessons and get your katana skills on point (you don’t have to reload a katana) to have a bit of a chance when risk taking is needed.

> Photo by Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash

As we come to the end of January 2020 (which felt like we had all the months of 2020 in one month — at least from a geo-political fuck fest orgy of bullshit scenario) I think it would be smart to take a few days to really hone in on what you are gonna do with the rest of the year.

Maybe take a little time to hone three really useful life skills that will enable you some mental clarity and security for the ones you love around you and for your own damn sanity (picking up an n95 filter and some bad ass glasses would be useful too) — I’m looking to improve on a few things.

My GOBAG needs a severe make over, in fact the whole transportation to X place needs solving too, that involves a decent sleeping structure (if the transport itself cannot be used) and at least a ‘get out of dodge’ 72 hr setup with a variety of locations that have multiple routes in and out of — of the page, over the way, hidden from main through traffic.

Stay Frosty!
__humble x

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