Growing the Pool of Content that I’d love to see across dtube to attract outside audience, the road to 2022, some pointers for us newbies! :)

If ‘jobs’ as we know it are going away and all the robots are gonna do the work then what are you gonna do as a human being in the years to come — in terms of economics how does that play out for the human being in the equation? — as a species we are rapidly coming to lots of crossroads and junctions in our evolution process.

And in most regards, we don’t have a Sarah Conner to send back in time to re-address and re-balance things that John Conner Does or Did (or is still doing if you want to be meta verse about it, every nation has a Sarah and a John I’m finding, just under different names and less sci-fi and certainly lo-fi)

Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

Some of the areas I’d certainly like to position myself and inspire others on is some of the following in the next few years — I think it makes sense to make video content around these subjects, especially if as a species we have any chance of getting ourselves outta this mess of what we are doing to planet earth right now.

I think all content creators regardless of platform should be starting to change the way they produce anything they work on, it all has a value and people are going to want to hoover up this information once they realise the world of manual work, endurance and precision work is going away from the human condition — the robots will deal with all of that and they won’t complain about not having enough breaks in the day.

committed to improving the state of decentralised video.

There is a lot we can be doing with video that we are not doing or talking about because of the limiting factor of some of the main centralised platforms, in a lot of ways we are still in that ‘kid in a candy shop’ stage of discovery and play — while that’s cool and all maybe the way to really start getting some adoption is to offer things that people can’t find anywhere else, maybe the game is to be ahead of the curve instead of being sheep like recording ‘reaction’ videos and lame bullshit that has no mental spark past distraction and apathy.

So, in true repeater station mode, I thought I’d pick up on some of the economic forums ideals that they see for the next few years and where they believe the world should be positioning their ‘skills’ for the near future — while some of these feel like a repeat and feel a big ‘soft and fluffy’

I think it describes a more evolved look at our human behaviours — I especially like the emotional intelligence, it’s a massive topic and one that I’d like to explore with much gusto!

So, let’s get into a few, maybe this can help you level up your decentralised video game on the awesome decentralised platform @dtube — I’d love to engage with this kind of content on a daily basis so why not have the social influence to kick start this and get the ball rolling! :)

Analytical thinking and innovation

Whoa, this is pretty sweet stuff actually. Let’s discover thinking like an analyst — thinking, technique and practice! — that’s kinda what we are already doing with vlogging right? — thinking about the discussion, applying our video recording skills and then recording these things (sometimes daily and practicing the craft of recording and sharing!)

But what would an evolved version of that look like to level up from where we are today in the current form of content that we put out? What tickles the fancy of the modern day brain? Who are you not talking to and is it because they have deemed you not innovation enough in the way you articulate your current output?

Lazy? Ok. .. . let’s crack some nuts on this shiz, let’s do some PLUS and MINUS on this and let’s take away and ADD instead

[-] Surface level thoughts and ‘repeater station content’ (less fluff)
[+] discuss root causes in the hope of further discussion (more meat)

We should all learn the ways of the WHAYSSSS! (Ahem, The Five Whys!)

little heads-up for @dayleeo here, she has WHAYYS too ;)

With this blockchain you should always be ASKING the questions, taking on this iterative interrogative technique just might be the way for you to discover a whole lot about yourself in the process - WHY do you make what you make? For the validation or for the room to grow as a maker?!

Active Learning and Learning Strategies

I personally think we are already doing this 10x better than any educational system out there in the world with the multi facetted approach that the blockchain ledger component makes us look at ourselves and our lives — the way we manage our time, our assets, our identity.

the way we self govern ourselves in these virtual spaces makes us open and accessible for new methods of working and competent to adapt in times of adversity or rapid change (i.e climate change would be a big one)

I truly believe that this kind of content has a massive place in our decentralised world and providing active learning techniques, multi facetted, laid out, clear guides and guidelines of how to learn and operate inside of the blockchain layer can really bring about a new format to the way people learn — not only learning new skills but getting incentives for doing so, not scraps of paper or certifications but real world actions you can apply today as you step through the real world.

---### reativity, Originality and Initiative

Ugh, this video was so much brain food for me I had to share it with you, maybe it can inspire you too — imagine not investing in warby parker and missing that boat! gutted, I found it kinda neat that once again it was proven that ‘behind every great man is an even better woman’ (something I’ve always subscribed too) that his investments are now handled by his wife (lulz)

I think this is where audience is going to move rapidly — where the creativity is, where originality of an framed idea, jumped on by us nodes(people) from all sections of society and remixed into other versions that fit the narrative for them — to take that initiative and run with it, to evolve the thinking of the people around us so that we can truly start to create out best work.

I would FREAKING LOVE Adam Grant to come and do some Organisational psychologist work on the steem blockchain, maybe he can pull together all the factions and maybe then we would have this socially mobilised spearheaded social blockchain aiming in unison together! :)

That stands for video to right?
‘ Here’s to the crazy ones! ’

Technology Design and Programming

So I kinda want to break this down into two parts, because the second part frustrates me everyday that I don’t have the chops, skills or patience to learn a programming skill, like, it’s literally like I need someone to just take me away for a month and teach me somewhere for it to go in — why am I so averse to the backend stuff compared to the UI/UX and sexy appeal of front-end?

Anyway, let’s get into the bit that get’s me excited — technology design, give this a watch and think about what parts of the video ‘stick’ with you — could you do something similar to the way that you craft your videos to make things stick with other people too?

That’s the wonderful thing about ‘interfacing’ with the blockchain, we haven’t even scratch the label of the box yet when it comes to all the wonderful ways that the data part, the gold, the oil, the costs more than anything on earth stuff that people are gonna wanna be cross referencing on their 10G internet connection at zero latency from the local chain node that’s a few hundred feet away from their GEO position on earth.

We are so ahead of the curve when it comes to the notion of NODES, and in the same way so is our decentralised video, imagine when that is 1-click, instant, zero latency, 8k+ resolutions, like your watching real life play out in front of you — your gonna need that stuff verified by your chain then right? Because, what’s real, what’s not? — are you gonna build the frontend that gives you the view of life you need or are you gonna outsource that to others and proxy trust in their judgement?

Critical Thinking and Analyse

Ugh, this is a big failure point for me, twinning my emotions with my notion of critical thinking. I certainly need to work more on this. Why my analytical thinking always get’s cross wired with my emotional intelligence is something that I’m working on…

I think that’s why I’ve hit this ‘castaway’ junction in my life — I’m looking for clues because my gut says one way and my critical thinking as turned to critique based on emotional internal frustration and discourse, it’s a long and often lonely road but I do feel the shards of evolution laying down the foundations around the edges.

I think it’s always good to check what kind of coloured spectacles, sometimes those rose ones are limiting us. ‘Kant’ Stop, won’t stop! ;)

Complex Problem Solving

‘I just kept talking, making videos to map traumatic terrain, share where I was at, integrate books I was reading and kept talking. It really helped! And it’s free and sometimes better than therapy.’

^ this was a comment to this video — kinda feels a little bit like vlogging on dtube in some ways. We are trying to complex problem solve using remote undiscovered audience to find relevancy in the world?

So maybe, just maybe, those ‘no value’ vlog posts you see that you don’t like because they don’t add ‘in time value’ to your life right now are not relevant to you because you feel you are already ahead of that, your over that, you in turn want to control that by being vocal about it like you have some magic wand or control panel wizard of oz like in the hope of pulling some switches in this free market economy to change people’s thinking towards what you see as pointless.

“It’s underneath everything, inhibited by your contextual knowledge” which has sudden popped it’s head up (into your feed) — we are the content shark from jaws, surprise motherfucker ;)

Leadership and Social Influence

This is a fantastic source of information, crash course — we have so much awesome content on centralised platforms, sooner rather than later we will start to see a lot of these content creators over on our decentralized platforms, just imagine how different the transport layer is going to be!

Are you going to be the learner or the teacher here on decentralised platforms? — I’d heartily recommend you watch this video to really consider all the ‘advice’ that you have been given up until this day on planet earth and ask yourself the question why (apart from rewards) you decided to start posting on decentralized video hosts instead of centralised ones.

Maybe a lot of the way people have used social influence on you in the past are relevant and true from the video, maybe it’s time to start living life on your own terms and maybe, just maybe, your video should start to reflect that too, what would the last person on planet earth vlog about anyway?

As for leaders, what does your circle of trust look like RIGHT NOW?

Always good for notions of things to consider when you PROXY out your ideals to be LEAD by someone in life ;)

Emotional Intelligence

‘Patience, insight and imagination. .. .’

. .. . like sign me up, this is my jam, while I’m not always the most patient person in the universe I do know when it’s my time to stop and when it’s time to start again, the insights element feels like an ‘all over view’ which I feel makes a better decision than just looking at a narrow viewpoint and imagination, well, that’s my bag right there — combining things together that bring an unexpected result!

Check out this video for a bit more of a headsup on what emotional intelligence is and how we should maybe applying that to the content that we make, I’m sure there is a really good ‘system’ of doing this in our videos so they are more COMPLETE in their efforts and idea resolutions.

Are you in an effective relationship?
Are you an effective TEAM(humble)

forever this will be me and @dayleeo in the wastelands of planet earth blasting out that oblivion soundtrack as we try and lo-jack our way across the now scorched middle earth.

What is your prestige value you bring to video? Discover it, enhance it, build upon on it, celebrate it, don’t validate it. You don’t need validation, just inspiration! Let’s combine forces to replace our deficit to abundance in collaboration resources with our video vlogs instead!

Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

Ha! I feel like this is ever disgruntled small time content creator in the world right now, wanting to make everything better and not having the reasoning, problem-solving and ideation skills to take it further — check out the video, I think it brings up incredible points that we can all use to make our video production and content better each and every day.

Let’s industrialise new notions of what video and storytelling can be in for those of us that are woke to how expansive this ground breaking technology can be — I don’t mean create an echo chamber of people just constantly going on about #newsteem but instead of the UTILITY of how it can fundamentally change the way we look at the supposed ORDERED world around us and why ideas and ideals change constantly.

I’d love to see something like this for instance on the steem blockchain!

Anybody up for making this kind of material together? :)

Systems Analyse and Evaluation

I’ll leave you with this very informed piece of text. …

“Before you disturb the system in any way, watch how it behaves, if it’s a piece of music or a whitewater rapid or a fluctuation in a commodity price, study its beat. If it’s a social system, watch it work. Learn it’s history”

As for Evaluation it is ‘simply measuring progress towards goals’ (for me anyway) your mileage might be different — I think it’s paramount for tsunami edge technologists to understand that we might actually be doing more hurt than empowerment by putting out content that has a detrimental impact on the future proofing of a young technology and it’s future ideals.

If there is one thing that I wanted to do by writing out this post was to enable myself and others to consider the content they make. To evaluate what we are doing, where we are at right now, today and what we might need to consider to change to spark an evolution and attraction to what we have here over centralised, established (but breaking down) platforms elsewhere.

What is means to evaluate ourselves as a node in this decentralised network and how our actions effect the network itself.. .

So there you have it, a brainfart, a scribble on the back of a beer placemat with the paper pulled off. .. .

. intention to influence, inspire, level up, share and engage and build out better content that I can both be proud of and inspired by — don’t you wanna do something similar?

We have the technology, we just need to make the evolution leap forward with the way we use it.

Yours, Sentimentally Disavowed,

Señor Humble x

pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?

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