twelve days in on intermittent fasting, thoughts, processes, behaviours going into 2020.

Wanted to get a quick update video out today mainly so I could link the video over on a YouTube channel of a creator I follow who’s currently going through a whole life detox, like cutting out a whole bunch of foods, doing more exercise and going through the process of trying to eat better and live healthy.

it’s great to see how YouTube collabs can make such an impact on each other and for the good, great to communicate this way of eating better and the best thing is the results become visually obvious.

I’ve been on a similar ‘change’ mission in recent months, what I want to work on, what I want to eat, how I want to eat — buying things in bulk like chickpeas, flour and rice, remixing what goes with that stuff and having dreams of a protein shake blended mornings and a table top freezer with meal prep done for the week ahead, I’m not there yet, but it’s coming.

I’ve been embracing changes at a rate of knots recently, maybe because my star sign is popping off in the starcharts right now and so I’m just being present and correct over that and embracing the change, I’m also adding parts of each of these courses, only a few more parts and I’m done on the decentralised video one.

What changes are you bringing in for 2020?

__humble x

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